5 Best Types of Kitchen Garden You Can Make in India

Last Updated: 15.04.2024
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Knowing these Types of Kitchen Garden will help you select the best one for your home and grow organic veggies and herbs.

If you want herbs, spices, and vegetables ready at your fingertips, you need to learn about the Types of Kitchen Gardens and start growing your own today. Don’t worry; we’ll help you out.

Types of Kitchen Garden

1. Traditional Backyard Garden

Types of Kitchen Garden

The most common kitchen gardens you’ll see in India and across most of the world are backyard gardens. It’s really easy to create them because you just need to create a smaller section as a dedicated space where you can grow vegetables, herbs, or small fruits that you can use in the kitchen.

2. Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Balcony gardens or terrace gardens are better for cities and urban areas where people don’t have houses with backyards. We can’t let that stop us from growing vegetables, can we? For this, you can use the space on a balcony or the terrace and plant veggies and herbs in pots and grow bags.

Pro Tip: If you want to make use of space properly, it’s best to get a tall stand and keep the pots on it.

3. Window Sill Garden

Window Sill Garden

If you want to grow only tiny herbs, a windowsill garden is the perfect idea. The space near the windowsill is great for small pots. Plus, it gets a lot of natural light which most herbs need to thrive well. You can always grow more microgreens on windowsills, such as arugula, radish, kale, beet greens, and more.

4. Vertical Kitchen Garden

Vertical Kitchen Garden

When we say vertical, we mean a garden that’s created vertically. You can use walls, fences, or plant stands for these. They’re great for saving space and growing more when you don’t have other options. Lettuce (सलाद पत्ता), herbs, and similar small plants do really well. For the walls, you can go with pouches, shelves, or even upcycle old stuff to keep the pots.

5. Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden

Another kitchen garden idea that’s popular is a raised bed. You might live in an area with space, but the soil might not be ideal for the veggies you want to grow. So what’s the solution? A raised bed garden, of course! They have better drainage, which is needed for the monsoon season, and also give you all the power because you can fill it with any soil mix.

Use cedar or redwood that’s sturdy and is not damaged by the weather. But if you’re sure that you’re rarely going to move it, you can go with bricks or cinder blocks, too.

Kitchen Garden Plants You Can Grow

Now that you know what kind of kitchen gardens you can go with based on your home and space, here are the different kinds of kitchen gardens and the vegetables you should grow.

  • South Indian Kitchen Garden: South Indian garden styles focus on vegetables that can tolerate heat, like okra (भिंडी), brinjal (बैंगन), curry leaves (करी पत्ते), and chilies (मिर्च).
  • North Indian Kitchen Garden: These have vegetables like spinach (पालक), mustard greens (सरसों), fenugreek (मेंथी), coriander (धनिया), tomatoes (टमाटर), and root vegetables like radish (मूली) and carrots (गाजर).
  • Coastal Kitchen Garden: Such gardens are great for growing coconut trees (नारियल), curry leaf plants, banana trees (केला), and herbs like holy basil (तुलसी) and mint (पुदीना).

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