12 Beautiful Flowering Trees in India

Published on: 05.06.2024
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If you’re thinking of growing a tree in your garden, you need to know about these Beautiful Flowering Trees in India!

Flowering trees are always better than plenty of little flowering plants because they make a magnificent attraction for the garden and give you plenty of shade. Why don’t you plant your own with the help of our guide?

Best Indian Flowering Trees

1. Flame of the Forest (पलाश)

Best Flowering Trees in India 1

Botanical Name: Butea monosperma

The Palash Tree is a lovely medium-sized deciduous tree native to India. It’s famous for its beautiful orange-red flowers that bloom in clusters during the spring season (March-April). If you want to grow it, give it a spot that gets full sun to partial shade and it’ll thrive.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the flowers, bark, and seeds of the Palash tree are used in treating various ailments in Ayurveda?

2. Sita Ashoka Tree (अशोक)

Flowering Trees in India 2

Botanical Name: Saraca asoca

The evergreen Sita Ashok has a religious significance and is worshipped during the first month of the Hindu calendar. It’s a popular choice for gardens due to its manageable height of 6-9 meters (20-30 feet) and its lovely orange-red flowers that bloom profusely during spring.

3. Golden Shower Tree (अमलतास)

Best Flowering Trees in India 3

Botanical Name: Cassia fistula

It’s commonly called Amaltas in Hindi so you’ll find it by the same name in nurseries. People call it the Golden Shower because it has beautiful yellow-golden flowers that droop down from its branches. It’s really easy to care for and can thrive in tropical and subtropical climates–which are found throughout the country.

Fun Fact: The Amaltas tree is also the state flower of Kerala, where it is known as Kanikonna.

4. Pride of India (जरुल)

Beautiful Flowering Trees

Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa

Pride of India is another beautiful flowering tree that looks gorgeous in gardens and backyards. This small to medium-sized tree has oval to elliptical-shaped leaves and purple, lavender/pink-hued flowers that fill your home with bees, birds, and butterflies.

5. Neel Mohar Tree (नील मोहर)

Beautiful Flowering Trees 2

Botanical Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia

Neel Mohars are known for their beautiful, showy lavender-blue flowers that bloom in abundance during the spring (March-May) in India. The tree does well in the tropical, warm climate and looks stunning when it is laden with flowers. Plus, it’s quite drought-tolerant once established, so you can skip watering it once or twice.

6. Indian Coral Tree (पंगारा)

Beautiful Flowering Trees 3

Botanical Name: Erythrina variegata

Indian Coral Tree is also known as Tiger’s Claw because of its spiky branches. It has bright red flowers that appear even before the foliage and is a fast grower that prefers the full sun. But do make sure you give it proper watering when it gets too hot outside.

7. Bauhinia (बौहिनिया)

Bauhinia tree in garden

Botanical Name: Bauhinia

This flowering tree is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. There are actually two varieties that are found here. One is Bauhinia variegata (Kachnar) and the other one is Bauhinia purpurea (Purple Bauhinia). The first one has pink flowers, but the second one has purple-magenta ones.

8. Silk Cotton Tree (सेमल)

Silk Cotton Tree

Botanical Name: Bombax ceiba

If you love the shade of vibrant red, you should totally plant a Silk Cotton Tree. The tree sheds all its leaves in winter and will give you red, fragrant flowers during these months. Just give it a deep, rich, well-drained soil with 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. Simple, right?

9. Night Flowering Jasmine (हार सिंगार)

Night Flowering Jasmine Vine

Botanical Name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

The Night Flowering Jasmine is counted among beautiful flowering trees but is technically a shrub. But you cannot leave it out because it spreads a sweet fragrance all around it. It is also a fast grower and will bloom repeatedly during the growing season.

10. Indian Cork Tree

Indian Cork Tree

Botanical Name: Millingtonia hortensis

Indian Corks are summer bloomers that give white-yellow flowers between April and June. It’s mainly grown for its beauty and subtle fragrance and is easy to care for. It needs full sun to partial shade and good-quality soil.

11. Gulmohar Tree (गुलमोहर)

Gulmohar Tree in garden

Botanical Name: Delonix regia

If you’ve always wished to have a garden that looks like a scene out of a movie, you need to plant a Gulmohar tree. It has gorgeous lively red or orange flowers that can spruce up any space and catch everyone’s eye from a distance. It is a tropical flowering tree and is quite adaptable. Here’s how to grow it.

12. Copperpod Tree

Beautiful Copperpod Tree

Botanical Name: Peltophorum pterocarpum

The Copperpod Tree has fern-like, feathery leaves and bright yellow flowers that stand out. Later, the flowers turn into reddish-brown, flat seedpods that look like copper coins, which is where the name comes from. With a little care, this lovely tree will bring you years of colorful joy.

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