14 Swing Decoration Ideas with Flowers

Published on: 28.03.2024
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If you’ve got a swing in your home, these Swing Decoration Ideas with Flowers will help you take it to the next level!

Swings might be just for chilling, but giving them a makeover for mehendi ceremonies and weddings is all the craze these days. We’ve gathered lovely Swing Decoration Ideas with Flowers you can follow to keep up with the trend. 

Swing Decoration Ideas

1. Jasmine Jhoomars in Pink

Swing Decoration

The best and easiest way to go is with a color and floral theme combo. For this, we recommend a bright pink color with lovely jasmine jhoomars dangling down the swing. It’ll look stunning. 

2. Go with a Vine

Swing Decoration

4. Crown-Inspired Swing Idea


Another great way for decorating a swing with flowers is adorning just the top. You won’t have to worry about flowers, pointy stems, or thorns hurting you when you sit on it, and it’ll look amazing. 

5. Royal Purple Swing Chair

Swing Decoration

6. Swing Decoration with Wreath

Anoop Photography

Wreaths aren’t just for doors–if you make one big enough, it will turn your swing into a masterpiece and make it ready for a pre-wedding photoshoot. 

7. Marigold Swing Idea

Swing Decoration


No one loves an extra wedding expense, so going with marigolds (गेंदा) flowers is a smart way to avoid spending a lot and getting that swing decoration on a budget. 

8. Small Swing Chair Decoration

9. Macrame Decor and Pink Flowers

Swing Decoration

10. Pink Gajras on the Swing


Wreaths take a lot of time, and flowers don’t grow overnight. So what to do? Take pink gajras and use these to cover up the swing. It won’t take more than 2-3 hours. 

11. Red and White Roses

Swing Decoration

This idea proves there’s nothing more romantic or pretty than roses. See how they’ve added a loop below the swing made entirely of flowers? Don’t miss it. 

12. Minimal Swing Decor with Flowers

13. Swing of Bouquets

Swing Decoration

Don’t worry if you’re finding it hard to find flowers for the swing. You can always make a bunch of bouquets and stick them on the swing with floral wire. 

14. Swing Decoration with Artificial Garland


Do you have one of those swings that hang from the branch of an old ancestral tree in your home? You can buy artificial garlands and decorate them like this. 

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