16 Outdoor Trees for Home in India

Last Updated: 28.05.2024
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We’ve got all the best Outdoor Trees for Home in India that you can plant on your lawn and backyard. Don’t miss out!

Thinking about adding some shade and beauty to your home in India? Planting a tree is a fantastic way to do just that. We all love a cool spot to relax under on a hot day, and trees not only provide shade but also lovely flowers, delicious fruits (in some cases!), and fresh air. All the more reason to plant these Outdoor Trees for Home in India!

Outdoor Trees for Home in India

1. Neem (नीम)

Outdoor Trees for Home in India 1

Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica

The Neem tree is a real all-rounder outdoor tree for your home. It’s kind of like that super useful spice in your kitchen–goes with everything. Not only does the Neem grow tall and shady, perfect for escaping the sun, but its leaves and oil are used in all sorts of things, from natural bug repellents to even skincare! Pretty neat, right?

2. Gulmohar (गुलमोहर)

Outdoor Trees for Home in India 2

Botanical Name: Delonix regia

The Gulmohar tree has fiery red or orange blooms in the summer, making it a real showstopper. Plus, it grows fast, so you won’t have to wait ages to enjoy its beauty. If you want a flowering tree that will also give you shade so you can chill in the evenings, this is perfect.

3. Ashoka (अशोक)

best Outdoor Trees for Home in India 3

Botanical Name: Saraca asoca

The Ashoka tree is a beautiful evergreen draped in clusters of orange-yellow flowers that turn a romantic red over time. Not only is it lovely to look at, but the Ashoka also holds a special place in Indian culture, symbolizing love and new beginnings. Sounds pretty cool, right?

4. Pride of India (जरुल)

Outdoor Trees for Home in India 4

Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa

The Pride of India tree is also called Jarul in Hindi! It’s known for its stunning flowers of bright pink or purple that bunch together in big clusters. This beautiful tree is native to India and parts of Asia. Not only is it pretty, but the Pride of India is also useful. Its wood is strong and water-resistant.

5. Kadamba (कदंब)

Outdoor Trees in garden

Botanical Name: Neolamarckia cadamba

The Kadamba tree is a fast-growing evergreen with fragrant orange flowers that bloom in big, round clusters. You’ll find them all over India, from mountain ranges to steamy beaches. The Kadamba is more than just beautiful, though. Hindus believe it’s connected to love and is the favorite tree of Lord Krishna.

6. Mango (आम)

Outdoor Trees in garden

Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

The Mango tree is a true giant in India. Not only is it beloved for its delicious fruit, but it also holds a special place in Indian culture. India is home to over 500 varieties of mangoes, each with its own unique flavor and fragrance, so you can plant one that’s suitable for your region and relish the mangoes.

7. Jamun (जामुन)

Outdoor Trees in garden

Botanical Name: Syzygium cumini

Jamun trees are also great outdoor tree choices for home. They will give you delicious fruits and plenty of shade. These trees can reach 100 feet in height and are common in gardens, along roads, and even in parks.

8. Parijat (पारिजात)

beautiful Outdoor Trees in garden

Botanical Name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

The Parijat tree in India is a bit of a mystery. It’s actually a baobab tree, native to Africa, and there’s only one like it in the whole country (well, maybe two, depending on who you ask) in a village called Kintur. But that’s not the only one–you can also grow it in your home.

9. Bamboo (बांस)

Bamboo tree in garden

Botanical Name: Bambusa spp.

Bamboo is a super important plant in India, kind of like a giant grass. It grows in many places throughout the country, from the steamy forests of the northeast to the tropical south. There are actually over 136 different species of bamboo in India! That’s a lot of bamboo! Plus, it grows really fast and doesn’t need much space.

10. Silver Oak

Silver Oak tree

Botanical Name: Grevillea robusta

The Silver Oak is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to eastern Australia, but it thrives in India’s climate, too, particularly in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. People love Silver Oak trees for their beauty–they have attractive fern-like foliage and bright orange flowers in spring.

11. Raintree


Botanical Name: Samanea saman

The Raintree is a familiar sight across lawns and backyards. This isn’t actually native to India, though. It was introduced from Central and South America by the British during colonial times. They are really low-maintenance trees and also drought-resistant.

12. Frangipani (चंपा)

Frangipani tree in garden

Botanical Name: Plumeria

Frangipani, also lovingly called Champa in India, is a tropical dream come true! They come in all sorts of colors, from classic white and yellow to vibrant pink and even red. And the best part? The sweet, intoxicating fragrance that fills the air around them.

13. Arjun Tree (अर्जुन)

Arjun Tree Outdoor Trees for Home in India

Botanical Name: Terminalia arjuna

Arjun is a large, shady tree with a thick trunk and rough, grey bark. It’s a familiar sight, especially along riverbanks and dry riverbeds. Even though it’s a slow grower, the Arjun tree is considered sacred and brings good luck.

14. Fig Tree (अंजीर)

Fig Tree

Botanical Name: Ficus racemosa

Fig trees are also called Gular or Umbar trees. It’s a fast-growing giant with large, rough leaves. Unlike the common fig, the fruits grow directly on the trunk and branches, which is a cool sight. These figs aren’t quite as sweet as their common cousin, but they’re still enjoyed in some parts of India.

15. Sal Tree (साल)

Sal Tree

Botanical Name: Shorea robusta

If you want an outdoor tree for your home, go with the Sal. It can reach 165 feet in height and is known for its timber. Hindus associate it with Lord Vishnu, and it has deep roots that help prevent soil erosion. It also attracts wildlife to the garden.

16. Guava Tree (अमरूद)

Guava Trees for Home in India

Botanical Name: Psidium guajava

Guava trees were introduced to India in the 1600s and can handle the hot Indian summers and don’t need tons of water. But the best part? Those delicious guava fruits! They’re packed with vitamin C, even more than oranges, and come in all shapes and sizes. Who wouldn’t want to grow one in their home? Here are the best guava varieties you should look for.

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