35 Creative Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas

Last Updated: 18.10.2023

Tired of the way your balcony is arranged? Want to transform its look? Turn it into a tropical paradise with these amazing Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas!

Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas

Don’t let your love for gardening fail due to a lack of sufficient space in your apartment. With the help of vertical gardening, you can grow your own garden and enjoy its unlimited benefits! Explore these awesome Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas and turn your balcony into a tropical paradise.

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How to Grow a Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardening is an emerging and innovative trend in urban cities. It is convenient and doesn’t require a lot of space. 

Choose a Location

Pick a spot where there is ample sun exposure. This will help you to grow small and useful plants like herbs with ease.

Decide the Type of Vertical Garden

Once you choose the location, the next step is to decide the type of vertical garden you are looking forward to growing. Here you can take help from an interior or do DIY projects with containers, shelves, planters, and many more.

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Choose Plants and Start Growing

You can grow succulents, herbs, and veggies that require bright, indirect sunlight. If you live in an area that receives heavy rain and winds, protect your vertical garden by covering your balcony with a thin transparent plastic sheet.

Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas

1. Grow Vertical Herb Garden

There’s nothing better than having your own handy supply of herbs! You can make a vertical herb garden with the help of hanging planters. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

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2. Tin Can Fence Garden

Utilize unused tin cans on your balcony to make your own planters. This is one of the best vertical balcony garden ideas for you. You can hang them on railings and grow colorful flowers. Check this brief tutorial to learn how to do it!

3. Claypot Vertical Garden

Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas 2

How amazing it will be to see your plants hanging in clay pots on the balcony. You can do so with the help of this DIY tutorial by Horticult.

4. Vertical Lettuce Planter

Try doing this project if you love lettuce or any other green vegetables. DIY Lettuce planters can be done in a small space with little effort. Read this tutorial to know-how!

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5. Set up Shelves and Keep Pots

Ask your carpenter to set up a wooden shelf on the balcony. This will make extra space where you can place your pots and containers. This is one of the Best Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas!

6. Iron Grid Pot Holder

Weld iron rods in square shape make round space for holding plants. This way, you can make your own iron grid pot holder.

7. Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas 3

Spruce up your balcony with a cute and easy copper pipe hanging planter. Here you can place beautiful succulents and add a dramatic look to your cozy space. Check out this tutorial to learn more!

8. Hanging Terrarium Planter

Give your balcony a magical touch by hanging terrarium planters and growing air plants and succulents. The best thing, you can get them easily from Amazon!

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9. Ladder Planter – Super Easy Vertical Garden Idea

Setting up a ladder is a brilliant way to grow a vertical garden on your balcony. Just stack the pots on the ladder rungs, and you are good to go! Try this Creative Vertical Balcony Garden Idea for your attractive yard.

10. Jar Herb Garden

Put old jars in use by filling them with rocks, gravel, potting mix and growing your favorite herbs. You can then put them on a table or vertical plant holder. Have a look at this tutorial to learn more!

11. Grow Veggies

Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas 4

You can make a vertical veggie garden by growing green-leafy vegetables in hanging bags. This tutorial by Instructables will guide you in the process.

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12. DIY Bookshelf Vertical Garden

Check out Ginger Snap’s tutorial and make your own bookshelf vertical garden. This DIY project is easy and quite interesting.

13. Stack Pots Vertical Garden

Stacking pots in different patterns is a good way to make a vertical garden. You can also paint the pots to add a colorful and dramatic look. Read this tutorial to learn how to stack pots in a pattern.

14. Hanging Buckets Planter

To make this vertical garden, you will need four tiny buckets, a cabinet, and hooks. Have a look at this tutorial to learn more!

15. Staircase Plant Stand

Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas 5

Check out this tutorial on how to make a simple staircase plant stand to know how to DIY it. This will allow you to grow your favorite plans with ease.

16. Succulent Wall Planter

Succulents are drought-tolerant and, thereby ideal growing plants for a vertical garden. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for this DIY project.

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17. Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

Repurpose old bottles to make a vertical balcony garden. All you have to do is string them horizontally in a grid and fill potting mix. This beginner’s guide by Inhabitat will inspire you.

18. Wooden Pot Hanger

One of the most creative verticle balcony garden ideas to make your garden look even more adorable. All you need to do is make a string of wooden hangers to plant in an urban apartment. Here’s a tutorial for you.

19. Suspended Vertical Garden Idea

Give an appealing look to your garden by planting small growers in a metallic bucket through the wire. Here’s your guide.

20. White Boxes Minimalistic Planter

Make your garden look elegant and systematic with the white box’s minimalist planter idea. It is one of the best verticle balcony garden ideas to make your space look big and attractive. Click here to know more.

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21. Colorful Hanging Pots

Design your verticle garden with beautiful shades and colored plants. Just hang them into well-painted pots and feel the freshness of lovable colors. Check here for more details.

22. Wooden Pole Plants

Create a pole for your planters and let them hang on the pole. It is one of the best verticle balcony garden ideas that could make your yard look really attractive. Here’s your guide.

23. Cedar Wall Art

Cedars look stunning when hung on the wooden planks in your garden. Want to create one for yourself? Read more here.

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24. Verticle Window Garden

One of the best verticle balcony garden ideas is to hang your planters on the window. You can choose vegetables to grow on the window of your yard. Here’s all about this idea.

25. Soda Bottle Vertical Garden Idea

Having lots of empty soda or cold drink bottles? Try planting some of the beautiful hanging plants in them. Here’s your guide.

26. Hanging Vertical Garden

This is one of the Best Vertical Balcony Garden Ideas for you. All you need is some beautiful herb seeds that you can plant on your balcony. Read here to know how.

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27. Mason Jar Wall

Decorate your wall with beautiful plants in mason jars. It will look stunning and adorable. Details are here.

28. Painted Wall Vertical Garden Idea

Here’s one of the most creative vertical balcony garden ideas that steal the show. Paint a wooden plank and make a beautiful backdrop for your plants. Here’s your guide.

29. PVC Pile Decoration

You can easily get material like PVC Pipe for your vertical garden. It will applaud the show of your garden. Read more here.

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30. Chicken Wire Rolls

For this Creative Vertical Balcony Garden Idea, you need materials as easy as a chicken wire roll and a wooden plank. It can make your balcony look amazing. Read here.

31. Mini Hanging Garden

To grow some of fresh and healthy herbs, you can choose this amazing idea. Want to know how, read here.

32. Aesthetic Herb Garden

This is yet another amazing vertical balcony garden idea where you can use all the products that are reusable, including garbage bins and others. Here’s your guide.

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33. Tower Planters

Create your tower planter with terracotta pots and place some beautiful succulents. Read more here.

34. Wooden Frame Garden

You can place wooden frames in your garden, but not for pictures. You can make your balcony look stunning with some succulents planted in them. Want to know more, click here.

35. Cedar Ladder Garden

Last but now least, it is yet another creative vertical balcony garden idea for you. It will look appealing and spread freshness to your yard. Get a tutorial here.

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