G9 Banana | Grand Nain Banana Information and Cultivation

Last Updated: 17.10.2023

Want to know all the details about G9 Banana? Here are all the info on Grand Nain Banana Information and Cultivation in India that you need to know!

G9 is a high-yielding variety of bananas from Israel. This cavendish banana variety is a cultivar of Musa acuminate. It bears high-quality fruits that are more delicious than other native varieties. Let’s look in detail at G9 Banana along with its Information and Cultivation.

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Grand Nain Banana Information 

  • The plant is also popular is the Chiquita banana
  • It belongs to the M. acuminate and is a triploid variant
  • Carries a botanical name of Musa acuminata (AAA Group) ‘Grand Nain’
  • It has a large fruit yield, making it perfect for commercial farming

G9 Banana Growing Requirements




Banana is a tropical fruit, and G9 can also thrive in varying temperatures ranging from the humid tropical to dry subtropics. This moisture and heat-loving plant cannot withstand frost or arid conditions.


Sandy to loamy soil with a pH between 6-7.5 is perfect for its growth. Use a well-draining soil rich in organic matter, especially nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus. You can also add perlite to enhance the porosity and aeration in the soil.


Grand Nain Banana requires plenty of moisture to thrive. Water when the topsoil goes a bit dry. Keep the plant safe from overwatering as it will attract fungal issues with root rot.


G9 banana farming requires 6 feet x 5 feet of spacing. However, many growers use 6 feet x 6 feet spacing, too.

Significance of G9 Banana Planting

  • It provides large-scale production of disease-free fruits. They have a short harvesting period as compared to the other native cultivars.
  • You can grow it all year round.
  • G9 Banana has a high market value, thanks to its disease-free nature.
  • The fruits are rich in fiber. One banana can provide upto 10% of the daily requirement. It has an ample amount of vitamin B6 that helps against Type 2 diabetes and aids in weight loss.

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