How to Get More Chilli Flowers for More Harvest

Last Updated: 10.03.2024

Don’t know How to Get More Chilli Flowers? We’ve got tried-and-tested tricks that will help you get more harvest!

Hand-Pollination Tricks for Getting More Chilli Flowers

Chilli peppers are popular as they are easy to grow and can be enjoyed in many dishes. So, how do you get more chilli flowers from the plants? We know some secrets that can help you!

Tricks for Getting More Chilli Flowers

More chilli flowers mean more chilis! Here’s what you need to do.

1. Apply Wood Ash (लकड़ी की राख)

Apply Wood Ash Tricks for Getting More Chilli Flowers

Take a little bit of wood ash and mix it in water (1 cup ash to 20 cups water). Stir well and pour this at the base of your chili plant once in 2-3 weeks. Wood ash is full of potassium and micronutrients and will boost flower growth.

2. Eggshells (अंडे का छिलका)

Eggshells Tricks for Getting More Chilli Flowers

You can also crush 3-4 eggshells and sprinkle these around the base of your chilli plants. They are rich in calcium and release it slowly to the soil which helps the plant in flower development.

3. Cow Milk (गाय का दूध)

Cow Milk Tricks for Getting More Chilli Flowers
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Mix 100 ml of cow milk in 1 litre of water and make a spray of this. Use it to mist the leaves once every 10 days, and it will help your chilli plant grow more flowers.

The No. 1 Trick on How to Get More Chilli Flowers for More Harvest

Get More Chilli Flowers for More Harvest

You need to pick the chillis once they mature! People often think that leaving the chillis hanging on the plant will result in more growth, which is wrong.

Harvesting ripe chillis actually sends a signal to the plant that its fruit-bearing efforts have been successful. This triggers the production of plant hormones that stimulate new flower development. By leaving mature chillis on, this signal is absent, hindering new blooms.

Not harvesting the plant is good in the case of bigger fruits like pumpkins, as they keep growing bigger with time. But with chillis, it’s different. You should harvest green chillis once they reach a good size so the plant grows more flowers for a new harvest.

Additional Tips for Chilli Harvest

  • If you’re just starting out, pick the right variety. Common Indian chilli varieties include Byadgi, Guntur Sannam, Kashmiri Mirchi, Jwala, and Kanthari.
  • Give it plenty of sun as chilli plants need at least 6-8 hours of bright light daily. If you’re growing it indoors, keep it near a south-facing window.
  • Plant your chilli peppers beside herbs like tulsi or marigold (गेंदे का फूल). They can assist in preventing pests and infections.
  • Be patient! Chilli pepper plants need time to grow and produce flowers. With appropriate care, you should reap a large harvest in a few months.

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