8 Best Tomato Seeds in India | How to Plant Tomato Seeds

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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It is hard to imagine famous Indian cuisines without Tamatoes! They come in various varieties and here are the Best Tomato Seeds in India!

Native to South America, tomatoes are berries that are used as a vegetable in many cuisines around the world. It is a part of many world-famous dishes! Tomatoes are used in the preparations of a variety of soups, and salads, and also in the making of gravies of various stews, and curries. Many industrial products like tomato sauce and chutneys are made from them. Let’s have a look at the Best Tomato Seeds in India!

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum

Common Names: Tamatar, Tamaatar, Golbhenda, Takkali, Khamen asinba

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Tomato Farming in India

India is the second-largest producer of tomatoes in the world, after China. The major tomato-producing states in the country include Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orrisa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Bihar.

The Good quality tomatoes have a great market in the country as high-end hotels and restaurants buy them at good prices. Tomato farming can be a beneficial idea for the farmers as it is sure to give you good returns as well!

Best Tomato Seeds in India

Here is a list of some of the best varieties of tomato seeds in India. It is essential to choose a good type of seeds if you wish to cultivate tomatoes commercially. There are many varieties of tomatoes that have been developed by many different institutes. Here are some of the famous and Best Tomato Seeds in India to choose from!

1.  Pusa Early Dwarf

A variety developed by Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. The fruits of this variety are medium-large and have a round structure with a flat base. The early maturing variety of tomatoes with an average yield of 15 tonnes per acre. These are good for table purposes and processing both.

2. Rashmi


It is a widely cultivated and determinate variety of tomatoes. The fruits of the variety are round, smooth in texture, and have a shiny red color.  The seeds of this variety show resistance towards fusarium wilts and verticillium.

3. Rupali

Resistant towards verticillium and fusarium, this variety produces round and firm fruits that have a smooth texture. The seeds of this variety produce an early crop with a good cover of foliage.

4. Sioux

Another variety, which is an introduction from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi. With Round fruits that are medium to large, the seeds of this variety of tomatoes are suitable for farming in the hilly areas.

5.  Avishkar

Semi-determinate variety of tomatoes with a large foliage cover. The seeds produce irregular-round fruit with a dark red color. The fruits of this variety have a good keeping quality and thus are suitable for long-distance transport.

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6. Abhinav

Best Tomato Seeds in India 2

The firm fruits of this variety are square and have a fantastic foliage cover. They are smooth and deep red. The average weight of one 80-100 grams in each.

7. Vaishali

Single fruit from this variety weighs around 80-100 grams, and have medium size and dark red color. Vaishali seeds are resistant to wilts and fusarium.

8. Marglobe

A variety developed at the IARI, New Delhi. This variety produces round and smooth fruits that have a good amount of juice in them. The seeds of this variety are suitable for farming in the hilly regions, where the climate is moderate.

How to Propagate Tomatoes From Seeds?

Propagating tomatoes from seeds is not very difficult. You can grow them in small pots or seed trays. Just follow these steps to propagate tomatoes from seeds.

  • In the case of commercial cultivation, dry the seeds in the shade after treating them with Trichoderma. You can use 5-10 grams of Trichoderma for one kg of seeds.
  • After preparing the seed tray or small pots, plant the seeds and water lightly. Also, mulch.
  • Keep the soil moist and make sure not to let it dry until germination. Once they sprout, remove the mulch.
  • Irrigate these saplings every week.
  • Your seeds are ready for transplantation. Create shallow furrows in your garden or farm and place these seedlings in them, keeping a distance of 8-12 inches between the two.

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1. Where Can I buy Italian Tree Tomato Seeds in India?

You can buy Italian Tree Tomato seeds in India from local nurseries, seed suppliers, agricultural stores, and reputable online seed retailers.

2. What is the Recommended Seed Rate of Tomato in India?

The recommended seed rate for tomato cultivation in India depends on the variety and farming method. On average, around 200 to 250 grams of tomato seeds are sown per hectare.

3. What Are the Advantages of Using Hazera Tomato Seeds in Indian Agriculture?

Using Hazera Tomato seeds in India offers several advantages. These seeds are known for their high-quality genetics, disease resistance, and improved yield potential, making them a valuable choice for Indian farmers.

4. What Factors Determine the Hybrid Tomato Seeds Price in India?

The cost of hybrid tomato seeds in the Indian market is influenced by factors like seed quality, brand reputation, seed treatment technology, and demand. Premium hybrid seeds may be priced higher due to their improved characteristics.

5. When is the Best Time to Sow Tomato Seeds in India?

The ideal time to sow tomato seeds varies across different regions of India. In most parts, it’s recommended to sow tomato seeds from November to February for the winter and spring seasons. However, local climatic conditions and frost risk should also be considered.

6. From Where Can We Get These Tomato Seeds in India?

You can obtain these tomato seeds in India from various sources, including local nurseries, agricultural supply stores, online seed retailers, and reputable seed companies like Veryhome. Additionally, some agricultural fairs, exhibitions, and farmers’ markets may also offer a selection of tomato seeds for purchase.

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