How to Grow Curry Leaf Plant from Cuttings in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Aromatic and flavorful sweet neem is an integral part of Indian dishes. Learn How to Grow Curry Leaf Plant from Cuttings easily!

How to Grow Curry Leaf Plant from Cuttings in India

The essence of curry leaves makes the Indian recipes more flavorful. Its leaves are largely used in the Southern part of the country but has also gained popularity in other parts as well! If you too want to have its uninterrupted fresh supply, then have a look at How to Grow Curry Leaf Plant from Cuttings easily!

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Growing Curry Leaf Plant from Cuttings

Snip off 8-10 inches long cutting from a healthy curry tree. Remove the bottom leaves, dip the end of the cutting in a rooting hormone, and plant it in a container filled with a potting mix. Water well, cover, and place the pot in the shade. After 10-15 days, you will notice the growth of new shoots. Once it starts to show good growth, acclimate the plant to a sunny area.

Growing Requirements of Curry Leaves


Curry leaves plant requires 4-6 hours of direct, full sunlight to thrive. Make sure any building or tall tree is not obstructing the plant. If you plan to grow it indoors, opt for a south-west window.


Water the soil uniformly and deeply when the topsoil feels dry to touch. Avoid watering too much and never let the plant sit in soggy soil for too long.


Curry leaves plant prefers loose, aerated, well-draining, and slightly acidic soil for optimal growth. Though it can adapt well to any Indian soil, it should be planted in sandy, loamy soil amended with well-rotted manure or compost. For containers, a quality potting mix will do the trick.


The plant is well adapted to the subtropical climate of India; hence it can be grown easily. However, it doesn’t respond well to the freezing winters, especially if the temperature drops below 4 C. If you are growing it in containers in hilly areas, move the plant inside during the harsh winters.

Pot Size

The plant will do well in any medium-sized pot. Go for terracotta pots as they offer good air circulation in the roots, thanks to their porosity. Make sure that the pot has ample drainage holes to let the excess water out.

Curry Leaf Plant Care Tips

How to Grow Curry Leaf Plant from Cuttings in India 2


You can feed the plant with a diluted balanced fertilizer once in 3-4 weeks. Homemade fertilizers like rice water, eggshells, buttermilk, or well-rotted cow manure also work well.


If you are growing the plant in a container, re-pot it every 2-3 years, as the plant becomes root-bound. Go for 1-2 size bigger pot than the previous one and use fresh potting mix.

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