8 Best Okra Companion Plants | Okra Companion Planting Guide

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Have a look at the best Okra Companion Plants for your garden! Growing them together will help you control pest issues while giving ample harvest!

Okra Companion Plants

Here are the best Okra Companion Plants that will help the vegetable to grow well. They attract beneficial insects to keep the pests in check and also invite pollinators!

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What is Companion Planting?

Companion planting involves the practice of growing certain plants together where they benefit each other. It results in much better growth, harvest, pest control, inviting helpful pollinators, and makes the soil rich with beneficial organisms.

Benefits of Companion Planting

  • Controls Pests: Worms, aphids, spider mites, bugs, and other insects are the worst enemies of vegetables. Growing certain plants like marigolds and catnip keep them safe.
  • Attract Beneficial Insects: Companion planting attracts bees to the garden which helps in pollination.
  • Improves Soil Structure: Growing the same plants together can suck out the soil off the nutrients. Growing plants like bush and pole beans increases the nitrogen content in the soil, which helps other plants to grow better.
  • Keeps the Temperature Maintained: In a hot climate like India, it is important to keep the temperature of the soil cool. Growing plants like oregano creates a blanket, keeping the temperature in check.

Best Companion Plants for Okra

Okra does remarkably well in the hot climate of India. Make sure you use well-draining soil to grow it. 

1. Cucumber


As cucumbers have the same growing requirements as okra, planting them together will ensure they grow well and you will get a fresh supply of cucumbers when okra gets ready to harvest!

2. Sunflower

Okra Companion Plants 2

Sunflowers attract beneficial pollinators, which will be an added advantage for the okra pods.

3. Melon

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Melons need a lot of sun and water to grow, which is the same as okra. They will also keep the ground cool as they vine all over.

4. Herbs

Okra Companion Plants 4

Grow basil or cilantro with okra as their fragrance will keep the pests away from the plants. The flowers of these herbs also attract beneficial pollinators and predators.

5. Cauliflower or Cabbage


They both are cruciferous plants and keep the population of root-knot nematode in check. Growing them will also ensure you have a steady supply in the kitchen!

6. Beans

Okra Companion Plants 10

Pole or runner beans are the best options to grow with okra. They are nitrogen-fixing plants and help to fertilize the soil, which helps the okra to grow at its best.

7. White Clover


It is an excellent living mulch that creates a carpet around okra. it helps the plants in two ways – First, it suppresses the growth of weeds, and second, it controls the temperature of the soil and also prevents water evaporation.

8. Cowpeas

Okra Companion Plants 14

It attracts beneficial pollinators and predators and keeps the okra safe from pests. Plant cowpeas two or three weeks after planting the okra seeds – this will help them to flower at the same time.

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