10 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India

Last Updated: 09.11.2023

Looking for quick harvesting fruits to grow? These Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India are easy to maintain and start producing early!

Most of the home gardeners have low patience while growing any fruit tree in their yard. As most fruit trees in India may take an extended time to bear fruits, some fruit trees grow fast and also start producing fruits after some years or months of planting. For a quicker yield, you can also opt for a transplanted plant from the nursery. Here are some Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India.

List of Fruit Trees with Faster Growth

1. Papaya

 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India

Botanical Name: Carica papaya

Harvest Time: 9-11 months

Growing up to 20-25 feet tall, papaya starts bearing fruits early. The tree leaves are deeply lobed, and the fleshy orange fruit has a sweet, musky taste. The fruit should be harvested when half yellow or not fully yellow. Otherwise, it may be split open by birds and flies.

2. Ber Tree

Botanical Name: Ziziphus mauritiana

Harvest Time: 2-3 years

This vigorous growing tree grows in a crown shape with droopy branches. The tree bears oblong to round drupe fruits that are juicy and tarty-sweet. All fruits may ripen at different times; initially, they are green, but on ripening, they attain reddish color.

3. Banana

 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India 2

Botanical Name: Musa

Harvest Time: 1 year

Growing in the humid, tropical areas, the banana grows in hanging clusters known as hands. The curved fruit has a yellow, green, or brown peel that varies according to ripening and the variety. The starchy flesh is sweet and is loaded with fiber and vitamins. To know if the fruit is ripe, check the bananas of upper hands and if the color has started turning yellow-green and plumpy.

4. Jaam

Botanical Name: Psidium guajava

Harvest Time: 1-3 years

The guava tree grown from seeds shows a slow growth rate and may take 2-6 years to produce fruits, whereas plants grown through grafting or cutting churn out a faster yield of fruits. The fruit has a sweet, mild taste and fresh aroma. They have a green peel, followed by pink to white flesh with some encapsulated seeds. It is consumed raw, but many Indian households cook its chutney.

5. Sitafal

 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India 3

Botanical Name: Annona squamosa

Harvest Time: 2-3 years

Growing up to 10-22 feet tall, custard apple produces fruits with creamy-texture, aromatic, and sweet pulp, bound with inedible black seeds. The fruit is low in cholesterol and comes loaded with vitamin C, Manganese, Iron, and Potassium. The pulp is either consumed raw or use in preparing shakes and icecreams.

6. Fig Tree

Botanical Name: Ficus carica

Harvest Time: 2-3 years

The fruits are blessed with a juicy coating that carries crispy seeds inside. People prefer to consume it in dried form, instead of a fresh one. Rich in iron and antioxidants, this fruit cures iron-deficiency, reduces sugar curbing and blood pressure. This tree releases white latex from the stem and leaves if broken.

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7. Mulberry

 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India 4

Botanical Name: Morus

Harvest Time: 6-10 years

Confused about how did this tree comes into this list? Although mulberries bear fruits after a long time when it is well established, it is one of the fastest-growing trees, like it can grow 10-12 feet within 3 years. But if you are starting with the grafted one, it will start producing fruits sooner. The sweet fruit on the tree look like blackberries, and the color varies from red to dark purple.

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8. Apricot

Botanical Name: Prunus armeniaca

Harvest Time: 2-3 years

Even a single tree is enough to grow in the yard, as it yields self-pollinating fruit. The tree grows faster but takes 2 years to start producing fruits. The sweet-tart flavor of apricot tastes best when fresh. Another point is, not all varieties have a faster growth rate, some fast-growing types are Moorpark and Early Golden.

9. Peach

 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India 5

Botanical Name: Prunus persica

Harvest Time: 2-4 years

This fast-growing tree takes 2-3 years to bear fruit, but some varieties can harvest after one year if given proper care. The tree can grow as tall as 20-25 feet, but frequent pruning keeps the tree till 12-15 feet. Since the tree bears fruit through cross-pollinating, grow two different varieties with the same flowering time. The fruit has yellow to white flesh, with a floral note.

10. Citrus Tree

Botanical Name: Citrus × limon

Harvest Time: 3-5 years

The citrus or nimboo tree is quite popular in the Indian gardens, thanks to its citric fruit and fresh aroma that fills in the landscape. Rich in vitamin-C, potassium, folate, and other nutrients, the fruit boosts heart health and immunity. Varieties like Eureka and Meyer grows faster and churn out fruits sooner.

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