Popular Flowers Name in Telugu

Last Updated: 09.11.2023
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In our list of different languages, we bring you Flowers Name in Telugu! The list features some of the most popular ones!

What makes any garden really shine is the presence of fragrant flowers. They not only add a charming appeal to the landscape but also brings a serene look to the yard. If you’re deeply interested in knowing their names in different languages, then here’s Flowers Name in Telugu for you!

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Popular Flowers Name in Telugu

1. Tuberose (Rajnigandha)

Popular Flowers Name in Telugu

Telugu Name: Nelasampengi

The waxy flowers emerging on the spikes are cherished for their honey-like pleasing fragrance.

2. Hibiscus (Gudhal)

Telugu Name: Mandara

Coming in red, pink, and white, these trumpet-shaped flowers add tonnes of colors to the garden.

3. Crepe Jasmine (Chandani)

Telugu Name: Nandi Battallu

Showcasing the spiral array of petals, crepe jasmine blooms throughout the year.

4. Rose (Gulab)

Telugu Name: Gulaabi Poovvu

The colors, patterns, charismatic fragrance, and appearance make it top the list!

5. Lotus (Kamal)

Telugu Name: Thamara Poovvu

The overlapped petals, intricate floral patterns, and water floating leaves make lotus an all-time favorite.

6. Marigold (Genda)

Telugu Name: Banthi Poovvu

Pompom flowers play a potent role in cultural and religious ceremonies.

7. Oleander (Kaner)

Popular Flowers Name in Telugu 2

Telugu Name: Gaaneru

Parading in shades of white, pink, and red, the flowers set a dense floral carpet over the landscape.

8. Sunflower (Surajmukhi)

Telugu Name: Suryakantipuvvu

The cheerful yellow flowers add a pop of color to borders and hedges.

9. Lily

Telugu Name: Thella Kaluva

The starry lilies in the captivative pink continue to display from late summer till the fall.

10. Chrysanthemum (Guldaudi)

Telugu Name: Chamanthi

Comprising a dense cluster of disc and ray florets, mums are the pride of the fall garden.

11. Periwinkle (Sadabahar)

Telugu Name: Billa Ganneru

Available in pink, white, and violet shades, the pinwheel symmetry of the petals fuses into a tube.

12. Rangoon Creeper (Madhu Malati)

Telugu Name: Radha Manoharam

The sprawling Madhu Malti invites a swathe of fragrance and vividness.

13. Plumeria (Champa)

Popular Flowers Name in Telugu 3

Telugu Name: Deva Ganneru

Plumeria features waxy petals with a mesmerizing fragrance that achieves the peak during the night hours.

14. Lantana (Raimuniya)

Telugu Name: Pulikampa

Comes in a wide spectrum of colors like blue, yellow, white, crimson.

15. Bouganvillea (Ganan bel)

Telugu Name: Kagithala Puvvu

Bougainvillea bears magenta-pink hued bracts that enclose the dainty cream inflorescence.

16. Coral Jasmine (Harsingar)

Telugu Name: Parijatamu

Touted for its medicinal properties, five petals of jasmine with an orange tube unfurls during the dusk.

17. Elephant Creeper (Ghav Bel)

Telugu Name: Samudrapala

Funnel-shaped flowers can fluctuate in the shades of lavender to white, depending upon the variety.

18. Spider Lily (Nagdamani)

Telugu Name: Chengalva

Thanks to the gracefully curved lacy petals of the spider lily, offering it a spider-like appearance.

19. Balsam (Gulmehandi)

Popular Flowers Name in Telugu 4

Telugu Name: Gulivinda / Chilaka Mukku

Coming in red, orange, yellow, violet, and pink colors the balsam resembles the camellia look.

20. Blue Sage (Gulsham)

Telugu Name: Neelambaramu

The green spikes of blue sage, packed with rich blue blossoms, complements every garden.

21. Blue Morning Glory (Neelkalmi)

Telugu Name: Kollivittulu

The flowers are commonly spotted in the gardens.

22. Purslane (Lonia)

Telugu Name: Gangapavilikura

Thanks to their spilling nature, purslanes are a great choice for spiller-thriller-filler containers.

23. Asian pigeonwings (Shankhpushpi)

Telugu Name: Shakha Pushpam / Dintena

The solitary flower, in deep blue color and contrast linings, is a true delight on its own.

24. Passionflower (Krishnakamal)

Telugu Name: Tellajumiki

An intricate floral pattern offers an exquisite visual.

25. Datura

Popular Flowers Name in Telugu 5

Telugu Name: Ummetta

The trumpet-shaped flower in a milky white tone lends a calming effect in the garden.

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