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Last Updated: 26.12.2023

If you want to know everything about How to Grow Bijora Fruit, then you are at the right place! Here’s all the info on Growing Citron Fruit.

How to Grow Bijora Fruit

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions, citron is majorly cultivated in north-east India. The plant starts producing fruits after 2-3 years and becomes well established within 8-12 years. Let’s have a look at How to Grow Bijora Fruit in India.

Botanical Name: Citrus medica

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Propogating Bijora Fruit

Take seeds from a healthy bijora fruit and soak them overnight. Sow them in a citrus potting mix, water well and keep the pot or choose a location in the garden that gets bright sunlight. The seeds will germinate in 2-4 weeks.

Tip: Though you can propagate the citron fruit plant from seeds, it’s best to purchase a plant from a local nursery.

Growing Requirements of Bijora Fruit

How to Grow Bijora Fruit in India


The plant requires 3-5 hours of full sunlight for abundant fruiting. If you are growing it indoors, keep it at a south-facing window.


It needs consistently moist soil to thrive, so water the plant deeply until it seeps out from the drainage holes. Water it more during the flowering and growing period.


Any well-draining and well-aerated and slightly acidic soil is best for bijora. Use a good quality citrus potting soil mixed with some peat.


The citron tree is well-suited to the tropical climate of India and thrives in the temperature range of 15 – 28°C. The temperature should not drop below 13°C or go beyond 36°C as it will impact fruiting.

Pot Size

You can start with any medium size, 10-12 inches diameter container. You can re-pot it later in a bigger pot according to the need.

Note: The plant will do equally well if you will directly grow it in the garden.

Bijora Fruit Care


Feed the plant with one tablespoon of ammonium sulfate once a month during its growing period. Alternatively, you can also apply water-soluble citrus fertilizer once in 4-6 weeks. For dosage, refer to the label.


The fruit looks dark green when young and takes up to 2-4 months to ripe and becomes bright yellow. Harvest the fruit when it is 5-6 inches long and tender. Instead of pulling the fruit, use a knife or a shear. You can refrigerate the fruits for later use.

Pests and Diseases

Bijora is susceptible to aphids, scale, and mold. Use a strong jet of water to deter the pests away. You can also dab a cotton oil in the neem oil solution and apply it on the infected parts to knock them off.

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