Do Succulents Attract Bugs | How to Save Succulents from Bugs

Last Updated: 09.11.2023
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Do Succulents Attract Bugs? Is there a way to save them from their infestation? Read ahead to find out all the information you need!

Do Succulents Attract Bugs? Well, Succulents are most susceptible to get attacked by fungal diseases, but sometimes they get attacked by mealybug, spider mites, and scales that love feeding on the sap of the leaves. Let’s discuss this in breif.

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Common Succulents Bugs and Pests

1. Mealy Bugs

Mealybugs produce a cotton-like white substance that creates a fluffy layer underneath the leaves and joint stem. The infection can also reach the roots if not treated on time. Mealybugs release a sugary material that eventually stimulates the growth of other fungal diseases too.

2. Scales

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Scales form brown spots on the leaves of succulents and love feeding on the sap of engorged leaves. They create brown bumps or marks on the leaves through which you can identify them easily.

3. Ants

Generally, ants do not harm the succulent, but if your plant is affected by mealybugs or scales, the sugary substance they excrete attracts them a lot. Their presence indicates aphid or scale infection.

4. Spider Mites

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The spider mites create small webs and brown spots on succulents. These mites feed on the sap of fleshy leaves and stems. The infestation causes the leaves to get damaged severely.

5. Aphids

Aphids suck tissues of fleshy leaves and feed on flowers. They also ooze sugary white substance that leads to mold and fungal growth. These pests also affect the growth of the plant.

6. Fungus Gnat

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Though these are rarely spotted in succulents, if you overwater the plants, the gnats might get attracted. They look like the small mosquitoes hovering above the soil surface.

Tips to Ward Off Bugs

  1. If your plant gets attacked by ants or fungal infections, it is recommended to topdress the soil with cinnamon powder.
  2. Dip a cotton ball into alcohol and rub it against the infected area. You can also create a bug spray for succulents by diluting the alcohol by half of its strength and misting it once a week.
  3. Use an insecticidal soap solution by mixing 2-3 teaspoons of dish soap in a cup of water. Apply it on the plant using a cotton ball or spray it on the infected area.
  4. You can also treat the same using insecticides like neem oil solution. Dilute it according to the package instructions before use.
  5. If the roots have been infested, then take the plant out of the pot and spray soap solution on the roots. Now, let it dry and plant in a pot filled with fresh potting soil.

Basic Prevention Tips

  1. Prevention is better than cure in the case of succulents. As most diseases and infestation is caused when the plant thrives in damp soil. So, never overwater the plant, and let the soil dry out before watering.
  2. Keep the plant at any bright and well-ventilated place. Always use a good potting mix.
  3. Deadhead yellow leaves and remove the spent flowers periodically.

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