Sakshi Kasat

Sakshi Kasat

Sakshi Kasat

Sakshi Kasat
, is an indoor gardener and Garden Writer at Based in Indore, India, her journey into the world of plants is a blend of personal passion and professional experience. She’s here to share her love for gardening and inspire fellow enthusiasts.

She’s a former Assistant Professor at Vikrant Group of Institutions in Indore, now resides in the same city with her husband and daughter. Her gardening journey began during the pandemic when her family’s safety became a top priority and she wanted to bring some greenery indoors. This shift led her to follow her long-held passion for gardening.


  • Expertise in Indoor Gardening
  • Proficient in Content Writing and Editing
  • Author of 150+ articles on India Gardening Website
  • MBA and BBA Graduate
  • Two years of professional experience
  • Former Assistant Professor
  • A passionate tea lover and believer in the power of gratitude


Sakshi holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration in HR and Marketing, earned in 2015, along with a Bachelor’s degree from Devi Ahilya University, which she received in 2013.


Sakshi’s journey is deeply rooted in her love for plants. With expertise in indoor gardening, she has contributed 150+ articles to India Gardening so far. Her professional background includes two years of writing experience and a former role as an Assistant Professor.

She cherishes the Peace Lily as her favorite plant, which symbolizes her profound connection to nature and her mission to inspire others. Within her indoor haven, Sakshi’s flourishing houseplants collection inspire her writing and nurture her connection to the natural world.

A Word From Sakshi

“In nurturing my garden and writing, I find the purest forms of inspiration and contentment.”


  • Indoor Gardening
  • Creative Writing
  • Houseplants
  • Home Decor