How to Grow Jade Plant from Cuttings

Last Updated: 28.12.2023
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Crassula ovata is prized for its looks, ease of maintenance and growing nature! Here is everything about How to Grow Jade Plant from Cutting!

How to Grow Jade Plant from Cuttings

The glossy, green, and fleshy leaves on the woody branches of the Jade resemble a miniature tree. This hardy plant has gained popularity through its undemanding nature and easy propagation methods. If you too want to add it to your plant collection, then here’s everything on How to Grow Jade Plant from Cutting!

Here are the best types of Jade plants you can grow

Best Time to Propagate Jade Cutting

Jade plant cutting roots best in the warm, humid, and in an environment with good airflow. The best time to propagate jade cutting is during springs, and early summers.

Growing Jade Plant from Stem Cutting

You Will Need

  1. A Sanitized Shear or knife
  2. Commercial potting mix used for succulents and cacti (or DIY by mixing perlite, coarse sand, potting soil)
  3. Pot (4-6 inches)
  4. Rooting Hormone

From Cuttings

  1. Snip off 4-5 inches long cutting from a healthy jade plant. Make sure that the cutting has leaf nodes.
  2. Remove all the leaves from the bottom.
  3. Let the cutting dry for a couple of days, so that it forms a callus. The longer the cutting is, the more time it requires to cure. If you plant the cutting without drying, it will invite fungal growth.
  4. Now, fill a pot with potting media, leaving some room for watering.
  5. Dip the cut section of cutting in rooting hormone. Make a hole and plant the cut section in the hole.
  6. Now, mist the soil thoroughly and keep at any bright, indirect sunlight.
  7. Mist the cutting lightly in between, but do not water deeply until the roots form.
  8. The new shoots will start sprouting in 2-3 weeks if the air is humid. In a dry environment, it may take more than 3 weeks.

Growing Jade Plant from Leaf Cutting

How to Grow Jade Plant from Cuttings 2
  1. Snip off the leaves carefully so that it does not break from the middle or bottom, else the leaf will not propagate.
  2. Let the leaf-cutting dry for some time, but not like stem cutting, as too-dried leaves won’t root.
  3. Now, take a seedling tray or the pot and fill it with a potting media.
  4. Lay the leaves on the soil surface and bury the cut section under a thin layer of soil.
  5. Mist the soil, and keep at any bright, indirect sunlight.
  6. Spray water when the soil feels dry. The new shoots will start emerging within 2-3 weeks.
  7. The leaf will give rise to a small plantlet, and it may take up to 2 months for the whole new plant to form from the leaf-cutting.

Note: Stem and leaf-cutting, both are easy propagation methods. But, the leaf-cutting takes a long time, around 2 months, to grow. So, if you do not want to wait for long, you can go for stem cutting.

Growing Requirements for Jade Plant


Keep the plant any bright spot, where it can receive 2-3 hours of morning sunlight. For indoors, any east or south-facing window will be the best. Make sure to save the plant from the scorching afternoon rays.


Any well-draining, aerated, soil with around neutral pH is the best. You can go for any potting mix specifically designed for cacti or succulent. Make your own media by mixing 3-parts regular potting, 2-parts coarse sand, and 1 part of perlite.


Jade plants respond well to the tropical Indian climate and do well in the temperature range of 18-25 C. Move it to the warmer spot if the temperature drops below 10 C.


Water the jade deeply when its topsoil feels dry to touch. Water the plant frequently in summers but reduces this rate in winters.


Feed with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. like 10-10-10. diluted to half of its strength every 6-8 weeks months during the growing period. You can also use an organic feed like fish emulsion. Stop feeding the plant in winters.

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