How to Grow Ice Plant | Taking Care of Ice Plant

Last Updated: 28.12.2023
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Popular for its showy flowers, Delosperma spp. is one of the best choices for the garden. Learn all about How to Grow Ice Plant and taking its care in India!

How to Grow Ice Plant

With beautiful purple flowers, the ice plant can make any garden come alive with its colorful blooms. If you too want to grow it in your yard, then here’s all the information you need on How to Grow Ice Plant in India!

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Ice Plant

Also popular as the Stone plant, the Ice plant is a cold-hardy succulent with heart-shaped leaves. It is actually a groundcover and produces spectacular daisy-like flowers in the shades of pink, purple, and yellow. It is a resilient plant that invites bees and butterflies into the garden.

How to Grow Ice Plant

From Cuttings

During springs or early summers, take 5-6 inches long cutting from a mature plant. Let it form a callus and plant it in a container filled with a well-draining potting mix. Water well and keep the pot at any sunny location.

From Seeds

Purchase seeds from a genuine seed supplier. Sow them in a tray filled with seed starting mix. Keep it at any sunny location, and mist evenly. The seeds will germinate within 7-14 days.

From Division

Remove the plant from the pot and divide the roots using scissors or shears into two to three sections. Plant each section in individual pots filled with potting mix. Place the pots at any bright location

Growing Requirements of Ice Plant



The plant does well in 3-5 hours of full sun, though it can also tolerate some partial light. If you are growing it indoors, then a south-facing window would be the best spot.


Water the plant only when the topsoil feels dry to touch. Avoid overwatering as it will kill the plant.


The plant does best in well-draining, porous, and moderately fertile. For best growth, go for a standard potting mix that is specially designed for succulents and cactus.


The plant does well in the temperature range of 10-35 C. While growing it in India, you don’t have to worry much as it will do quite well in the typical climate we have here.

Taking Care of Ice Plant

How to Grow Ice Plant 2


Feed the plant with a mild dose of balanced fertilizer once in 6-8 weeks. Avoid overfeeding as it will do more harm than good.


Mulch the plant using straw, bark, shredded leaves, and grass clippings. It will prevent water loss from the soil.

Pests and Diseases

Though the ice plant is disease resistant, keep an eye on aphids and mealybugs. You can easily deter them away using a strong jet of water. If the condition worsens, use neem oil solution.

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