How to Grow Indian Paintbrush Flower

Published on: 23.11.2020

Castilleja adds a burst of colors to the landscapes, thanks to its exquisite flowers. Here are all the details on How to Grow Indian Paintbrush Flower.

How to Grow Indian Paintbrush Flower

Also known as the painted cup, the plant is famous for its exotic blooms and invites hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies for pollination. If you too want to add it to your garden, then have a look at How to Grow Indian Paintbrush Flower.

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What Does an Indian Paintbrush Flower Look Like?

What makes the Indian paintbrush interesting is its colorful bracts (modified leaves) surrounding the actual flowers. Its colors vary from red to yellow, thanks to its petal-like charming bracts and profusely blooms from April to May and attracts hummingbirds around for pollination.

How to Propagate Indian Paintbrush?

From Seeds

Collect the seed pods from the base of the flowers during the warm months of April and May. Harvest with the help of your hands, only when the pods are dry and brown. Shake the pods on a paper to separate the seeds and soak them in water overnight.

During early winter, sow seeds in a container or seed tray filled with equal parts of perlite and peat. Water them sparingly. It may take upto 3-4 weeks for the seeds to germinate. You can transplant the plant outdoors when it is well grown.

Growing Requirements of Indian Paintbrush

How to Grow Indian Paintbrush Flower 2


For growing in containers, prefer a mix containing equal parts of perlite and peat. For a garden, prefer sandy soil and amend its quality using cow dung or compost.


Indian paintbrush requires 4-6 hours of full sunlight, though it can tolerate some shade too. If growing indoors, prefer a west or south-facing window.


Indian paintbrush prefers consistently moist soil but not damp during their growing period. Always check the topsoil moisture, and if it feels dry, water deeply. The plant is drought-tolerant and can take care of its own once established.


Indian paintbrush can survive in the Indian tropical climate, but for germinating, it needs cooler temperatures.

Caring for Indian Paintbrush


Indian paintbrush does not require fertilizer for growth. However, you can amend the quality of garden soil using cow dung manure or compost before sowing seeds.

Note: The plant has a short lifespan, as it dies after setting the seeds.

Indian Paintbrush Flower Essence Benefits

Indian paintbrush is used in hair washes for making the hair glossy, thanks to its selenium content.

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