How to Grow Lavender at Home in India

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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Love beautiful and fragrant flowers? Then you’ll adore Lavenders! Come, we’ll show you How to Grow Lavender at Home in India easily!

How to Grow Lavender at Home in India
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Lavenders have a beautiful purple hue, a delicate sweet smell, and medicinal uses – what’s not to like? But How to Grow Lavender at Home in India? We’ve got you covered!

Botanical Name: Lavandula spica

Indian Name: Dhoop

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All About Lavender Plant in India

Lavender is an aromatic and herbal shrub. The highly perfumed and beautiful flowers of the plant come in violet, blue, pink, mauve, and white, and can be a pleasant addition to your garden.

The plant is perennial and is cultivated in regions with less rainfall. Lavender flower in India is found in northern India’s hill regions – the hilly slopes of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir Valley, and Uttar Pradesh. It is farmed for Lavender oil which is prized for its calming and therapeutic properties. It is also enjoyed in delicious teas.

Different Varieties of Lavender in India

Different Varieties of Lavender in India

  • Sher-e-Kashmir: The flowers of this one are purple-pink with evergreen leaves. They hang on the slender stems of the plant. It was introduced by CIMAP, Lucknow.
  • Spike Lavender: Spike is arguably one of the best lavender varieties as it settles fast and can grow up to 12-18 inches tall. They also attract beautiful butterflies and bees.
  • True Lavender: Also known as common lavender or English lavender, the variety is used in lavender farming in India for its high-quality lavender oil. Its flowers are pink, purple, and white, having grey-green, felty foliage.
  • Lavandin: A cross between true lavender and spike lavender, this hybrid can tolerate hot and dry weather. It is also cultivated commercially for its high yield of oil and is also used in cooking.

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How to Grow Lavender at Home in India

Grow Lavender at Home
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Lavenders, being temperate plants, grow best in areas with average summers and cold winters, thus making the Himalayan states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand, suitable for growing Lavander plants in India.

1. Start with the Seedlings

You can easily propagate the Lavender plants through seeds and seedlings, both. Although growing them from seedlings is a better choice as it helps you maintain the quality of the plant in case of large scale cultivation. Moreover, it is the most common method of growing lavenders. And growing it from seeds takes time.

2. Prepare the Soil

The soil for growing these plants needs to be well-draining and rich in calcium carbonate content. You can also use poorly calcareous soils but do give it proper fertilization for your plants every year. You can add some gravel to the soil to make sure it has good drainage. Sandy soil can be a good option for growing Lavender too.

3. Pick a Sunny Spot

Lavender plants love the sun and need 6-8 hours of direct light daily. Choose a sunny spot in the garden. And remember, the harsh sun of areas that have extreme temperatures will burn its leaves, so give it a bit of shade. You can also plant it near a larger tree.

4. Water Less but Properly

You should water your plants with a small amount as they can survive drought conditions. Besides, overwatering can restrict plant growth or even kill it. And the plant does not do well with soggy roots. Just stick your finger in the soil about an inch deep – if it’s dry, water it.

And that’s all you have to do. Take good care of your Lavenders, and they’ll reward you with beautiful flowers and an amazing scent.

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Growing Lavender in Pots

If you don’t want to grow it in the garden, why not grow it in pots? You can keep it anywhere, change its position easily, and even keep it inside your home.

You should follow the same care and growing tips for indoor lavender plants. But there are two things you shouldn’t miss. Make sure it gets plenty of sun so it can thrive. Keep it near a south-facing window or veranda for this. You can also take it outside for a good sun soak 3-4 times a week. Also, make sure the room where you keep it is not congested. There should be good airflow so the plant is not affected by diseases.

Lavender Plant Care

Don’t know how to care for lavender plants? Just look out for these pointers.

  • Earthing up the soil around the planting bed is a good choice as it will help the plants contain moisture.
  • Pruning the plants will bring new blossoms in the plant, but remember not to over-prune the tips as that is where the plant flowers.
  • Watering Lavenders is a little tricky. So when you’re watering your plants, water thoroughly but let the soil dry between waterings.
  • You can use cow dung (Gobbar ki khaad) to fertilize your lavender plants. Use a handful of this 3-4 times a year. But don’t do it in fall or winter.

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