Rambutan Season in Kerala | When Does रामबुतान Mature

Last Updated: 29.02.2024
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We’ll tell you all about Rambutan Season in Kerala, when to plant it, and the common varieties you can grow!

Rambutan Season in Kerala brings a special excitement to the local markets, filling them with this colorful fruit that locals and visitors eagerly await each year.

Rambutan Plant Information

Rambutan Season in Kerala
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Rambutans are native to Southeast Asia, and India has a long history of growing them. They were introduced to Kerala almost 70 years ago from Malaysia and Sri Lanka. They’re also grown in Karnataka (कर्नाटक) and Tamil Nadu (तमिलनाडु), but Kerala (केरल) remains the primary state for these fruits.

It holds a special place in Kerala as it is an exotic fruit. It grows on evergreen trees that are 15-24 meters tall and have small flowers without petals. The fruit is oval-shaped and hairy with beautiful white-translucent flesh inside that’s sweet and a bit tangy.

The word Rambutan comes from the Malay word rambut – which means hair, hinting at the fruit’s hairy appearance. It’s a great source of Vitamin C and has copper and manganese, too.

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Rambutan Season in Kerala

The rambutan season starts in February-March when the trees start flowering. The flowers then turn into fruits, with the actual rambutan season in Kerala falling between late July and early September.

You might find some varieties that mature a couple of weeks before or after this time but the peak season with the best quality is the July-September time. Many regions of Kerala also celebrate Rambutan harvest festivals during this peak season.

Common Rambutan Varieties and their Seasons in Kerala

Rambutan Variety
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1. Rongrien

This is the Thai variety that is known for its bright red, spiky exterior and sweet flesh. It matures in late July-early September and also has a hint of yellow on the skin.

2. Binjai

This one is an Indonesian variety with red, hairy skin and sweet, slightly acidic flesh. It matures between July and October.

3. N18

N18 is the most common rambutan variety and is an Indian variety that matures in August-September. It has red skin and yellow-green spikes.

4. E35

This Malaysian variety has yellow rambutans that are a bit oblong. Yellow Longs mature in August-September, too.

5. Arka Coorg Patib

It’s an Indian variety that features yellow fruits and spikes. It’s a high-yielding variety (750-1000 fruits per tree) maturing in October.

When to Plant Rambutan

Rambutan tree
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You can easily grow Rambutan if you want to relish these fruits. The ideal time to plant it is in late October-November.

If you’re planting it from a seed, it will take 6-7 years to mature and start producing fruits. Your best bet would be to get a grafted plant. Grafted rambutans are available in local nurseries and start bearing fruits within 2-3 years of planting.

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