Some of the Popular Fruits Names in Arabic

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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The chief language of the UAE, Arabic ranks for one of the most spoken in the world. Here are some of the Popular Fruits Names in Arabic!

The significance of Arabic lies in the fact that the Quran provided by Allah to Mohammad was written in this finest language. If you too are mesmerized by the beauty of this language you can add to your vocabulary a little more with the help of this list of Fruits Names in Arabic!

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Popular Fruits Names in Arabic

1. Star Fruit

Popular Fruits Names in Arabic

Arabic Name: Fakihat Ennajem

This citric fruit in the translucent yellow shade produces starry slices upon cutting.

2. Mango

Arabic Name: Mango

Fully ripened mangoes taste second to none!

3. Guava

Arabic Name: Juava / Shajarat Aljawafa

Aromatic and delicious guava is cherished with salt seasoning and goes well in chutney and mocktails.

4. Peach

Arabic Name: Khoukh / Khawkh

Peach uses in savory recipes have gained high popularity.

5. Papaya

Arabic Name: Biabaya / Shajarat Albabay

Known for its immense health benefits, papayas are the best for stomach and skin related ailments.

6. Grapes

Arabic Name: Ainab / Aleunab 

Luscious grapes are the best refreshment for summers.

7. Sapodilla

Popular Fruits Names in Arabic 2

Arabic Name: Sapota / Chikoo

Sapodilla flesh has a gritty texture and malty flavor.

8. Pomegranate

Arabic Name: Romman

Packed with Vitamin-C, K, and minerals, the jewel-like arils can be made into smoothies.

9. Apple

Arabic Name: Tuffah

Regular consumption of apples wards off the many diseases.

10. Custard Apple

Arabic Name: Ashta / Qashtah

Milky texture and fruity note of custard apple’s pulp imparts delectable flavors to Kheer and Icecream.

11. Orange

Arabic Name: Bortoqal

High antioxidants, zero fat, and low calorie of oranges help in keeping weight in check.

12. Pineapple

Arabic Name: Ananas

This tropical fruit featuring pine-like, spiny rind with a sweet pulp.

13. BlackberryPopular Fruits Names in Arabic 3

Arabic Name: Toot shwkii

Blackberries have earthy notes and can be used in pies.

14. Strawberry

Arabic Name: Farawelah

Delicate and red strawberries can be stuffed in a muffins or cakes.

15. Banana

Arabic Name: Mawz

Sweet and creamy bananas are best to beat hunger pangs.

16. Pear

Arabic Name: Kommethra / Ijjassa

Pears have versatile uses in a fruit cup, dessert, and porridges.

17. Fig

Arabic Name: Tin

The high fiber content of fig keeps the health in check.

18. Watermelon

Arabic Name: Bateekh

Watermelon is great to curb sugar cravings and also helps to refuel the body.

19. Dates

Popular Fruits Names in Arabic 4

Arabic Name: Tamar

Thanks to the natural sweetness dates can be a great substitution to sugar .

20. Sugarcane

Arabic Name: Qasab alsukar

Nothing like a glass of chilly sugarcane juice sprinkled with salt during the scorching summer days.

21. Coconut

Arabic Name: Alhind

The goodness of coconut can be incorporated in versatile recipes ranging from chutney and desserts.

22. Avocado

Arabic Name: Avocado

Buttery avocados with a nutty hint are boon for heart, eyes, and digestive systems.

23. Cherry

Arabic Name: Karaz

Color-rich cherries goes best in salads and desserts.

24. Kiwi

Arabic Name: Kiwi

It has a grassy green flesh with a tarty-sweet taste.

25. Quince

Popular Fruits Names in Arabic 5

Arabic Name: Safarjal

The intense flavor and solid flesh of quince tenderize upon cooking.

26. Apricot

Arabic Name: Mushmush / Michmich

Glossy skin, musky flavor, and a tangy undertone of apricots pairs well with yogurts and salads.

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