List of Popular Fruit Names in Telugu

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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India is a hub of diverse languages and Telugu is one of the oldest ones. Here’s a list of Popular Fruit Names in Telugu that’ll help you out!

Telugu is an official language of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and ranks fourth in the highest numbers of native speakers list in India. The literature traces of this language has been detected in the Hindu epic Mahabharata that was written by Nannaya Bhatta during 11 AD. Here’s a list of some of the most Popular Fruit Names in Telugu!

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Popular Fruit Names in Telugu

1. Banana

Popular Fruit Names in Telugu

Telugu Name: Aarati pandu

Bananas feature green, yellow, or brown peel followed by starchy-sweet flesh.

2. Apple

Telugu Name: Sepu/ Seema Regu

Apples can be relished raw, or use in sauce, pie, or salads.

3. Guava

Telugu Name: Jama

Pride of the tropical regions, guavas are consumed with a little sprinkling of salt for a more subtle flavor.

4. Mango

Telugu Name: Mamidi

Mangoes are relished raw and used in pickles and chutney.

5. Custard Apple

Telugu Name: Sitaphalam / Seetha Pandu

Custard apple features aromatic, velvety-textured, creamy pulp that is embedded on the black seeds.

6. Cherry

Telugu Name: Cherry Pandu

Darker the shade, more intense the flavor of cherries that are admired for topping on desserts or cake.

7. Orange

Popular Fruit Names in Telugu 2

Telugu Name: Kamala Pandu / Narinja

The sweet-citrusy taste of oranges make them perfect candidates for juices and jellies.

8. Grapes

Telugu Name: Draksha 

Grapes play versatile roles in jelly, juice, and winemaking.

9. Pomegranate

Telugu Name: Danimma

Use for colorful garnish, or blend into juice, sweet-tarty danimma serve multiple purposes.

10. Sapodilla

Telugu Name: Sapota

The high level of fructose and sucrose renders extra sweetness to this fruit in earthy color.

11. Black plum

Telugu Name: Neredu pandu

Sweet-tarty plums are favorite of kids and adults alike.

12. Pineapple

Telugu Name: Anasa Pandu

The fruit is cherished for its aromatic and sweet flesh encased within a pinecone like a hard shell.

13. Papaya

Popular Fruit Names in Telugu 3

Telugu Name: Boppaya Pandu

The mildly sweet flesh of papaya supplements skin, hair, bone, and digestive health.

14. Watermelon

Telugu Name: Puchakaya

Nothing can be as relaxing as having juicy, crispy, and frozen watermelon cubes during the hotter days of summer.

15. Muskmelon / Cantaloupe

Telugu Name: Kharbuja

The tempting sweetness accompanied by a floral note makes it a refreshing snack of the summer.

16. Date

Telugu Name: Kharjura

Protin and vitamin-rich dates have a longer shelf life and can also be dried for later usage.

17. Bael Fruit

Telugu Name: Maredu / Bilvamu

An aromatic pulp of the fruit is often dressed with sugar as a snack or can be processed as nectar.

18. Peach

Telugu Name: Peach Pandu

The peaches are tangy with a sweet floral undertone that further mellows down upon ripening.

19. Pear

Popular Fruit Names in Telugu 4

Telugu Name: Peri Pandu / Naashpati

Toss them on to salads or blend them with salt, honey, and lemon for making a zesty pear sauce.

20. Fig

Telugu Name: Anjur / Atthi Pandu

You can consume both dried and fresh figs raw or simmer them up for a dessert topping.

21. Apricot

Telugu Name: Seema Badam / Khubani

The musky-sweet flavored apricots with tangy hint help in reducing sugar craving and weight loss.

22. Coconut

Telugu Name: Kobbari Kaaya

Relish its juice and flesh raw, or derive its virgin coconut oil or coco milk, options are endless.

23. Jujebe

Telugu Name: Regu Pandu

Sweet and chewy jujube is relished raw as well as prepared into jams and pickles

24. Gooseberry

Telugu Name: Nela Usiri / Usirikayi

Tarty gooseberries generally made into pickles are packed with Vitamin-C, antioxidants, and fibers.

25. Wood apple

Popular Fruit Names in Telugu 5

Telugu Name: Velaga Pandu

Consumed after dressing with sugar or jaggery, this medicinal fruit works as a liver tonic.

26. Strawberry

Telugu Name: Strawberry

This heart-shaped berries go well as a filling for pastries, pies, and muffins.

27. Litchi

Telugu Name: Litchi Pandu

Miz with other fruits for salad or garnish ice-creams and desserts with litchi, the choice is yours.

28. Sugar cane

Telugu Name: Cheruku Gada

This tropical cane has high sugar content and processed for sugar making.

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