Jade Plant Benefits | Advantages of Growing Jade Plant

Jade Plant Benefits are many! This evergreen specimen not only looks good but also offers tonnes of advantages! Let’s have a look at them.

Jade Plant Benefits

Popularly known as the lucky plant, the jade plant is prized for its fleshy, glossy, green leaves on the thick and woody stems. The plant has gained popularity, thanks to its umpteen benefits that are scientifically proven! Check out these amazing Jade Plant Benefits that will surely inspire you to have at least one!

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Common Names: Jade Plant, Friendship Tree, Money Plant, Pink Joy, Fortune Plant

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Jade Plant Benefits

1. Improves Indoor Air Quality


The jade plant is effective in removing several VOCs like acetone and toluene present indoors. Volatile organic compound or VOC can get in the house from paints, wood preservatives, and moth repellents.

VOCs may cause problems like weakness, exhaustion, confusion, and insomnia – keeping jade indoors helps to beat these problems.

2. Absorbs CO2 at Night

Thanks to the CAM process (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) conducted by the jade plant, it absorbs CO2 during the night while performing photosynthesis during the daytime. This improves the indoor air quality by reducing the level of CO2 in the house.

3. Brings Good Luck Charm

The jade plant is said to bring good fortune to its owner, according to the Feng shui and Vaastu Shastra. You can place it at any southeast corner of the room to activate the feng shui energy flow.

4. Elevates the Level of Humidity

Jade Plant Benefits 2

If you want to enhance the level of humidity in the indoor air, then you can count on the jade plant. The summers cause very dry air, and the addition of radiators in winters also lowers indoor humidity.

Low humidity causes dry skin, lips, and itchy throats. But thanks to the CAM of crassula, this plant causes evapotranspiration during the dark time that increases relative humidity.

5. Medicinal Properties

In some cultures, the extract of its leaves is used for treating ailments like wounds, stomach upset, warts, and diabetes. In Chinese medicine, the jade plant extract and its tea are effective in lowering diabetes problems. Its juice can also cure skin warts.

6. Great for Novice Gardeners

This plant, with its forgiving nature, spruces up the interiors and the landscapes year-round without asking for much maintenance. It can adapt well to numerous conditions and does well in low-light areas too!

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