Jade Plant Benefits | Advantages of Growing Crassula Plant

Last Updated: 02.01.2024
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Jade Plant Benefits are many! This evergreen specimen not only looks good but also offers tones of advantages! Let’s have a look at them.

Jade Plant Benefits

Popularly known as the lucky plant, the jade plant is prized for its fleshy, glossy, green leaves on the thick and woody stems. The plant has gained popularity, thanks to its umpteen benefits that are scientifically proven! Check out these amazing Jade Plant Benefits that will surely inspire you to have at least one!

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Common Names: Jade Plant, Friendship Tree, Money Plant, Pink Joy, Fortune Plant

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Jade Plant Benefits

1. Improves Air quality


Recent research has shown that indoor air can be just as polluted and hazardous as outdoor air. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a range of health issues, including the dreaded “Sick Building Syndrome.” Symptoms like headaches, dizziness, allergies, nausea, and lack of concentration can all be linked to poor air quality.

The best way to combat these issues is through proper ventilation, but adding air-purifying houseplants can also be a useful solution. Plants like the snake plant, golden pothos, spider plant, dracaena, aloevera, and the jade plant can all help purify the air.

Inside our homes, everyday household items like wall paints, polishes, and glues can emit harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, and toluene, which can be detrimental to our health.

Research from New York State University has found that the jade plant is particularly effective at removing these volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particularly toluene and acetone. Toluene exposure can cause a range of issues, from weakness and exhaustion to liver and kidney damage, according to the United States Department of Labor.

2. Increases Humidity

Are you experiencing dry skin, flaky lips, itchy throat, and static electricity in your home or office? These are all symptoms of low relative humidity in indoor air, which can also increase your risk of catching cold, flu, and allergies while providing a welcoming environment for infectious bacteria and viruses.

The best way to increase indoor humidity is through the use of a humidifier, but did you know that houseplants can also help? Pothos, peace lily, spider plant, jade plant, and philodendron are among the best in this regard.

Low humidity can be particularly problematic in winter due to cold air and the need for indoor heating. In the summer, air conditioners can further reduce relative humidity, leading to headaches and other issues for some people.

To ensure optimal health and comfort, aim for a relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent in your home or office. Incorporating a jade plant into your space can help achieve this.

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3. Good Luck Charm

The Jade plant is renowned for its ability to draw in prosperity and good fortune across many Asian countries. It’s a timeless symbol of constancy and luck in Feng Shui practices due to its evergreen nature, and it makes an excellent addition to any home or office.

Additionally, offering a jade plant as a wedding favor or housewarming gift can convey well wishes and good fortune. Here are ways to position the Jade plant to enhance positivity:

– Place the plant near the entrance of your business or office to promote growth.
– Keeping the plant near the cash register or till can also have benefits.
– Position the plant in the Southeast corner of your home to bring about wealth.
– Place the Jade plant in an Eastern section of your house to increase the health and happiness of family members.
– In Feng Shui, it is advised to avoid placing the plant in any bedroom of the house.

4. Easy to Maintain

Jade Plant Benefits 2

Looking for a low-maintenance plant that can survive with minimal attention? Look no further than the jade plant. This succulent thrives in neglect, so you won’t need to worry about constant maintenance. As long as you keep it away from cold drafts and avoid overwatering, it can thrive for years.

One of the best things about the jade plant is its adaptability to varying light conditions. It can grow in partial shade and low-light settings and can also handle direct sunlight for several hours. It’s so versatile, we even included it on our list of best low-light succulents.

When it comes to watering, the jade plant is low-maintenance yet hardy. Simply wait until the soil is dry before watering again. Plus, because it’s slow-growing, you won’t need to repot, prune, or fertilize it very often. Enjoy the beauty and health benefits of plants with minimal effort with the jade plant.

5. Medicinal Benefits

The Jade plant is more than just a beautiful indoor plant that is thought to bring financial prosperity. In fact, this plant has long been recognized for its medicinal properties in Chinese culture, the indigenous KhoiKhoi community, and other African tribes.

For example, the leaves of the plant have been used to effectively treat a variety of ailments such as wounds, upset stomachs, warts, and even diabetes. Jade plant juice can be particularly effective in treating skin warts, with daily application for three days providing significant improvement.

Traditional Chinese medicine has also recognized the benefits of the Jade plant when it comes to managing diabetes. Drinking tea made from the plant’s leaves has been shown to help control symptoms of the disease, providing a natural and holistic option for those who suffer from it.

In addition to its medicinal properties, the Jade plant is also recognized as a powerful Feng Shui tool. Feng Shui practitioners believe that the plant can help to activate and accelerate “Chi” or life force energy, promoting positive vibes and uplifting energy flows within the body.

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6. Adds a Touch of Beauty

With glossy, oblong, or round foliage shining in deep shades of green, this mini tree lookalike matches every type of interior decor. It’s compact form makes it the perfect addition to coffee tables and office desks alike. But what truly sets the Jade plant apart are its stunning pink or white flowers that bloom in late winter and spring.

The Common Jade Plant, also known as Crassula ovata, is a popular favorite thanks to its egg-shaped leaves with a beautiful jade green tint. The Silver Jade Plant, or Chinese Jade, features flat-looking leaves with a silvery blue shade that’s further highlighted by fiery red edges.

For an extra ornamental touch, opt for the Variegated Jade which boasts leaves striped with lemon-yellow color. No matter which variety you choose, the Jade plant is sure to bring a touch of natural beauty to your living space.

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7. Absorbs CO2 in the Night

Did you know that some plant species like the jade plant and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue have a unique ability to absorb CO2 at night? These arid climate plants follow a rare Crassulacean Acid Metabolism, which makes them the perfect indoor CAM plants for improving air quality during dark hours.

One such plant is the popular jade plant, which not only reduces carbon dioxide at night but also performs photosynthesis during the day through the Calvin cycle. Even if you don’t believe in Vaastu and Feng shui, keeping a jade plant in your bedroom can actually have additional benefits.

As a CAM plant, it increases humidity levels in the air, making it a great addition to any indoor environment.

Jade Plant Benefits In Hindi

  • गृह की वातावरण गुणवत्ता में सुधार: यह पौधा घर की वातावरण को बेहतर बनाने में मदद करता है। यह वॉलेटाइल ऑर्गेनिक कंपाउंड्स (VOCs) को हटाकर घर को पोल्यूशन से मुक्त करता है।
  • ताजगी बढ़ाने का काम: इस पौधे की मदद से घर की नमी बढ़ाई जा सकती है, जिससे त्वचा और सांस रहती हैं स्वस्थ और उबटने की समस्याएं कम होती हैं।
  • धन-लक्ष्मी के प्रतीक: इस पौधे को धन और समृद्धि को आकर्षित करने का प्रतीक माना जाता है। इसे घर और ऑफिस में रखने से खुशहाली और सफलता की ऊर्जा आती है।
  • आसान रखभाल: यह पौधा रखभाल में आसान होता है। इसे नियमित पानी और धूप की जरूरत नहीं होती है, जिससे आप इसे बिना परेशानी के काफी समय तक रख सकते हैं।
  • औषधीय गुण: क्रासुला पौधे के पत्तों का उपयोग विभिन्न रोगों के इलाज में किया जाता है। इसके पत्तों का रस जले हुए, मसूड़ों की समस्या और मधुमेह जैसी बीमारियों के इलाज में मददगार साबित होता है।
  • रोमांचक रूप से सजावट करें: क्रासुला पौधे के चमकदार हरे पत्ते और आकर्षक रूप आपके घर को खूबसूरत बना सकते हैं। इसकी कम्पैक्ट आकृति इसे एक परफेक्ट कॉफी टेबल और ऑफिस डेस्क पौधा बनाती है। इसके अतिरिक्त, यह दिलकश गुलाबी या सफेद फूलों के साथ आपको स्वागत करता है।

जादे प्लांट के लाभों के बारे में विज्ञान और परंपरा दोनों की मान्यता है। इसे घर में रखकर आप न केवल एक स्वस्थ और आर्थिक रूप से समृद्ध रह सकते हैं, बल्कि यह आपके आस-पास की सुंदरता को भी बढ़ा सकता है।

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