12 Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

Last Updated: 30.04.2024

Do you know about all the Leafy Vegetables in Kerala that you can grow and eat? Don’t worry; we’ve got all the info.

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala are not limited to common ones like Spinach or Cabbage; a lot more are used in mouth-watering dishes. Stay tuned for these!

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

1. Spring Onion (ഉള്ളി)

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

These leafy greens are a huge part of the Indian diet and a popular part of salads. They have white bulbs at the bottom and long, green leaves.

2. Spinach (ചീര)Leafy Vegetables in Kerala garden

Spinach is another leafy green vegetable in Kerala. It is really easy to grow and thrives in most seasons here, including rain, summer, and winter.

3. Cabbage (കാബേജ്)best Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

You must have heard of Cabbage Thoran if you live in Kerala. It’s a common staple dish used in feasts, mostly made with cabbages. These vegetables are only grown in some parts but are widely available and affordable.

4. Pea (കടല)

best Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

You’ll also see peas growing here, and the people here utilize the leaves of this plant in their cuisine. They’re less common than spinach or other greens but still available and used.

5. Indian Stinging Nettle (കൊടിത്തോവ)small Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

The Indian Stinging Nettle is called Kodithoova or Choriyanam in Malayalam and is a climbing herb. The leaves of this plant are eaten, and even the roots and fruits are a part of traditional medicine.

6. Chayote Squash (ചയോട്ടെ സ്ക്വാഷ്)

top Leafy Vegetables in Kerala

Chayote Squash is not a traditional crop but is easily grown here due to the warm and humid climate. It’s a part of Kerala cuisine, and even its leaves are edible.

7. Ash Gourd (കുമ്പളങ്ങ)Leafy Vegetables in Kerala in pot

Ash Gourds are another popular Kerala delight. They are mainly grown for their fruits, but lovely recipes are also made with their foliage. It’s best to grow high-yielding varieties like Thara, KAU local, and Indu.

8. Noni (നോനി)

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala near Roadside

Noni plants grow in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. These Hibiscus species have edible fruit, leaves, flowers, and roots, which are also used in traditional medicine.

9. Pumpkin (മാതംഗ)

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala in garden 1

Pumpkins are rain-fed crops that grow well here between January and March. Kerala’s Agriculture University has also developed many high-yielding varieties (Ambili, Saras, Suvarna) that grow really well.

10. Malabar Spinach (വശാല ചീര)

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala in plastic tub

It’s a perennial vine that’s full of Vitamins A, C, and iron. You can grow it throughout the state in backyards or gardens.

11. Taro (ചെമ്പു)

best Leafy Vegetables in Kerala 1

Taros are popular for their corms (underground stems) and are grown in many parts of the state. The leaves of this plant are also used in stir-fry preparations and coconut milk curries.

12. Amaranth (കുപ്പച്ചീര)

Leafy Vegetables in Kerala in fence

Amaranth leaves are also popular leafy greens in Kerala. They have a mild, slightly earthy taste. They thrive in well-drained soil and full sun and are a great source of dietary fiber.

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