How to Grow Chui Mui ka Paudha in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Chui Mui ka Paudha kaisa hota hai? If you have this question in mind then we have all the details and answers for you! Read ahead!

Chui Mui ka Paudha

Chui Mui ka Paudha in English is popular as Touch me not. The plant stands out for its ability to fold its leaves when touched, a safety mechanism to defend itself from harm.

Chui Mui Paudha Information


Chui Mui Paudha is a small specimen and hides a trick up its sleeve. As soon as we feel the leaves of these plants, they close themselves for their protection. This is because of pulvinus. It is done due to the release of the chemicals, allowing the water to flow on opposite sides of the leaves simultaneously. The other plant that possesses the same characteristics is the flytrap.

Botanical Name: Mimosa pudica

Other Names: Sensitive plant, sleepy plant, shy plant, humble plant, shameful plant, touch-me-not, amourette herbe, herbe sensible, pinahuixtle, quecupatli, Mori Vivi, Chui-Mui, Lojjaboti, Morivivi plant, tickle me plant, Sleeping Grass.

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How to Grow Chui Mui ka Paudha?

Chui Mui ka Paudha can be grown easily from cuttings and seeds. However, both of these methods can be time-consuming, so it makes a lot of sense to get a plant from a nearby nursery and then transplant it into the garden or a pot of your choice.

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Requirements for Growing Chui Mui ka Paudha

Chui Mui ka Paudha 2


Chui Mui ka Paudha appreciates long and steady sunlight exposure. If you want it to grow bushier, then ensure it gets a minimum of 4-6 hours of intense sunlight every day. Keeping it in a shaded spot will result in slow growth and the plant won’t be as bushy too.


The plant is not at all fussy when it comes to the growing medium and will thrive in regular garden soil. If you want the best growth, make a mixture of handful of sand, garden soil, vermicompost, and some coco peat to grow Chui Mui ka Paudha.


The sensitive plant loves to grow in moist but not overly wet and soggy soil. Water the plant thoroughly when the topsoil feels a little dry to the touch. Do not water the plant on daily basis and also make sure never to let the growing medium dry out completely.

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Chui Mui ka Paudha Care




Fertilize the plant with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer once in 4 to 6 weeks, after diluting it to 1/2 of its strength. Side dress Chui Mui ka Paudha with aged compost for a bushy appearance. Do this once a month.

Alternatively, you can also use a 2-6-8 blend, or tomato plant fertilizer, after diluting it to 1/4 of its strength. The most essential ingredient is a potassium-rich feed, as the plant uses potassium ions as the leading chemical to trigger its leaflets’ close.

Pests and Diseases

Touch Me Not may be affected by spider mites, mimosa webworms, mealybugs, thrips, aphids, and scales. To protect your plant, use non-toxic horticultural oil.

Do not overwater the plant to keep most of the diseases at bay.

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