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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Krasula ka Paudha is a stubby and small specimen that you can easily grow indoors to invite good luck and a touch of nature!


Krasula ka Paudha is one of the most popular succulents in India, thanks to its good looks and easy maintenance. If you are someone new to gardening, then growing Jade Plant makes a lot of sense!

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Krasula ka Paudha Indormation

In India, Krasula ka Paudha in English is famamous as jade plant. People also know it by the name lucky plant, money plant, or money tree, as it invites good luck to wherever you are going to keep it. Being a succulent, it is very easy to grow, demands no attention, and looks really cute with its small appearance and plumpy leaves.

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Common Names: Jade Plant, Money Plant, Dollar Plant, Friendship Plant


How to Grow Krasula ka Paudha?

You can easily grow jade plants from cuttings and leaves. However, these two methods can be time-consuming as the plant is really a slow grower, so it is best to get a well-grown plant from a nearby nursery in your area.

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Requirements for Growing Krasula ka Paudha



Krasula ka Paudha grows best in plenty of bright sunlight. If you are growing it indoors, make sure it gets a minimum of 5-6 hours of direct sun every day. Growing it in a shaded location will make the growth leggy, and it will also slow down the overall height of the plant.


If you are using garden soil, add a handful of sand and vermicompost. The plant grows best in a well-draining growing medium and hates soil that holds too much moisture.

Use a succulent or cactus mix with slightly acidic to neutral pH–you can also mix some perlite in it.

If you’re using a regular potting mix, make a combination of two parts soil, one-part coarse sand, and one part perlite with some bone meal to make it more potent.


Water Krasula ka Paudha only when the topsoil of the pot feels a little dry to the touch. Do not water the plant daily as it will attract root rot and will kill the plant.

Also, while watering, do not wet the leaves. It is a good idea to water the plant in the morning when it gets exposed to plenty of morning sunlight.

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Krasula ka Paudha Care


If you have used coco peat and vermicompost in the growing medium, then the plant will do just fine without feeding. To boost the growth, use a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to 1/4 of its strength, once in 2 months.

You can also add a bit of cow dung manure and crushed eggshells in the soil once in 2-3 months.

Pests and Diseases

Be careful of aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs. If you spot them, use a neem oil solution or an insecticidal soap to get rid of them. You can buy them from a nursery.

To keep most diseases at bay, avoid overwatering, provide plenty of sunlight, and keep it at an airy location.

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