Popular Fruits Names in Kannada

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some Popular Fruits Names in Kannada that will not only help you learn more about the language but also give a boost to your vocab too!

Kannada is an official language of Karnataka and a minor population of its speakers belongs to the Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, and Goa states as well. Designated as the classical language of India, it has linkage with some ancient empires, as it was the court language of Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, and Hosalya dynasties! If you too are fond of this language and want to know more about it, then this list of Popular Fruits Names in Kannada will help your vocab grow!

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Popular Fruits Names in Kannada

1. Apple

Popular Fruits Names in Kannada

Kannada Name: Sebu

The fibrous, fruity, and aromatic apples beat hunger pangs.

2. Mango

Kannada Name: Mavinahannu

Apart from raw consumption, the king of fruits is a star ingredient of keri ki chutney, and pickle recipes.

3. Banana

Kannada Name: Balehannu

The goodness of fibrous banana used in the making of delectable wafers and milkshake.

4. Date

Kannada Name: Kharjoora

The powerhouse of multi-nutrients, chewy dates with caramel-like flavor play a potent role during Ramadan.

5. Orange

Kannada Name: Kittale Hannu / Kithilai

High in fiber, potassium, and vitamin-C, sweet-tarty oranges are boon for skin, heart, and immune health.

6. Pear

Kannada Name: Peru Hannu

Adding pears in the diet has an added perk of wrinkle-free and oil-free skin.

7. Papaya

Popular Fruits Names in Kannada 2

Kannada Name: Parangi Hannu

Sweet papaya keeps blood sugar and blood pressure level in check.

8. Watermelon

Kannada Name: Kallangari Hannu

Nothing like relishing a plate of refreshing melon cubes during the scorching days of summers.

9. Pomegranate

Kannada Name: Dalimbari Hannu

The garnishing of crimson-hued juicy arils spruce up the look of salad, and smoothies.

10. Guava

Kannada Name: Sibe Hannu / Pyarilhannu

Aromatic, crispy, and juicy guavas sprinkled with salt and other spices are a dessert on their own.

11. Pineapple

Kannada Name: Annanas

Pineapple features a spiny and tough rind in pine shape that encases an aromatic and palatable flesh.

12. Custard apple

Kannada Name: Seethaphala

The fruity and custard apple enhances the flavor and consistency of desserts.

13. Fig

Popular Fruits Names in Kannada 3

Kannada Name: Anjura / Anjuri Hannu

Dried and fresh fig serves as a counterpoint in salads.

14. Apricot

Kannada Name: Jardalu

Rich in Vitamin-A, C, and fibers, apricots are fused with saffron and cardamom to prepare delicious halwa.

15. Kiwi

Kannada Name: Kiwi Hannu

The tangy and delicate green flesh under the browny skin imparts cheerful color and flavor to the fruit cups.

16. Strawberry

Kannada Name: Strawberry

Palatable strawberries are used in muffins, pastries, and shakes.

17. Sweet lime

Kannada Name: Moosambi / Nimbehannu

Sweet lime is packed with multiple vitamins and minerals.

18. Sapodilla

Kannada Name: Sapota

You can also blend it with yogurt for an appetizing smoothie!

19. Jujube

Popular Fruits Names in Kannada 4

Kannada Name: Yelachi Hannu

Relished both dried and fresh forms, this tarty fruit aids in relieving insomnia and anxiety problems.

20. Quince

Kannada Name: Shree Fala

The piquant flavor and heady fragrance of quince complement well in jam and jellies preparation.

21. Blackberry

Kannada Name: Neralehannu

Rich purple color, juicy, and palatable blackberries supplement in brain and heart functioning.

22. Blueberry

Kannada Name: Neelihannu

Freshly picked blueberries can be blended into shakes or stacked on muffins or stuffed into bread.

23. Palm fruit

Kannada Name: Thaale Hannu

Plays a significant role in Bengali cuisine in preparing delicacies like pitha.

24. Grapes

Kannada Name: Draakshi

Coming in a wide array of colors, hydrating grapes have antibacterial and laxative properties.

25. Jackfruit

Popular Fruits Names in Kannada 5

Kannada Name: Halasina hannu

Use it as a vegetable for savory or cutlets, or prepare its sweet halwa or cake.

26. Avocado

Kannada Name: Benne Hannu

Cherish it raw after seasoning with salt or stack them up on sandwiches, and burgers, the choice is yours.

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