7 Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

Published on: 15.02.2024
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 Here are the Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan, each with a different meaning, that will help you offer your prayers with respect!

Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

If you’re looking to create a peaceful and sacred atmosphere for your worship space dedicated to Vishnu Ji, choosing the right flowers matters. These Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan are the best!

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Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

1. कमल (Lotus)

Kamal Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

If you want the best flower for Bhagwan Vishnu – Kamal tops everything else. Kamal is depicted as his seat and represents purity, growth, and enlightenment.

2. शंखपुष्पी (Blue Spiderwort)

Shankhapushpi flower in pooja thaal

Shankhapushpi is a delicate blue flower that represents the wisdom and intellect of Bhagwan Vishnu. The flower is the perfect gift and offering it brings you knowledge and growth.

3. कनेर (Oleander)

Kaner Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

The bright flowers of Kaner are linked to Vishnu Bhagwan’s power and divine energy. Plant these in Vishnu Mandir or offer it to him and he’ll grant you strength to overcome problems. (Be careful, these are poisonous.)

4. चंपा (Plumeria)

Champa Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

These small yellow flowers are offered to many of our Gods – Ganesha, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, Radha, Saraswati, and Parvati (Not Lord Shiva). They are also offered to Vishnu Bhagwan on Champa Dwadashi.

5. पारिजात (Night-Blooming Jasmine)

Parijat flower in pooja

You must have heard the story of Parijat in Mahabharat or Vishnu Puran. These blossoms are a favorite of Vishnu Bhagwan and his 8th avatar, Krishna Bhagwan.

6. वैजयन्ती (Canna Lily)

Vaijayanti flower pot

These lovely, delicate blooms are also for Lord Vishnu. In many depictions, Lord Vishnu and Bhagwan Krishna are seen wearing a mala of Vaijayanti flowers.

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7. कर्णिकारा (Bayur)

Karnikara flower Best Flowers for Vishnu Bhagwan

Another of the most lovely flowers for Vishnu Ji is the Karnikara – you must have seen Bhagwan Krishna wearing these behind his ears. They’re said to be another favorite of Lord Vishnu.

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