6 Best Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

Last Updated: 23.01.2024
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Here are the best Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan for mandir decoration. These devotional offerings are perfect for any auspicious occasion!

Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

As you all might know, offering pooja flowers to Ram Bhagwan is a time-honored tradition in India filled with deep meanings. Here are simple and meaningful blossoms that you can use for Shri Ram pooja.

Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

1. Kamal (Lotus)

Lotus Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

Kamal is the symbol of purity and strength – and is associated with Lord Ram and Lord Surya. You should offer the Lotus on Chaitra Navaratri (Ram Bhagwan’s birthday). It is also noticed in many depictions of Shri Ram, where he is seen sitting on a Lotus throne.

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2. Chameli (Jasmine)

Jasmine Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

The fragrant Chameli is for divine love and also for purity. If you want your home full of peace and happiness, you should offer these to Ram Bhagwan. Chameli is also a favourite of Bhagwan Hanuman, Lord Ram’s immortal devotee.

3. Genda (Marigold)

Marigold pot indoor

Genda flowers are perfect for Ram Bhagwan as they represent auspiciousness and joy. For the welcoming of a lovely occasion like taking a new step in life, these flowers become excellent choices in Ram Pooja.

Did you know? The yellow color of Genda flowers is very dear to Lord Vishnu. And we all know – Ram Bhagwan is the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

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4. Gudhal (Hibiscus)

Gudhal Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

The large and colorful Gudhal is for beauty and devotion. If you offer these to Ram Bhagwan, you shall receive many blessings.

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5. Palash (Flame of the Forest)

Palesh Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

The orange flowers of the Indian native Palash are perfect Ram Pooja flowers. They stand for strength, victory, and resilience – all three are things that Bhagwan Ram embodies.

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6. Asoka (Indian Coral Tree)

Asoka Pooja Flowers for Ram Bhagwan

You can also go with red-orange Asoka tree flowers for Ram Pooja. Asoka flowers represent love, and Lord Vishnu also adores Asoka flowers. These are a meaningful choice for Bhagwan Ram as well.

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