7 Large Roma Tomato Varieties You Can Grow in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the best Large Roma Tomato Varieties You Can Easily Grow in India to enjoy them fresh in sauce and paste!

Large Roma Tomato Varieties

The plumpy Roma tomatoes are famous for making sauce and paste. This pear to plum-shaped tomato variety has less juice, more flesh, soft skin, and a tendency to boil faster than the regular ones. If you too are tempted to grow these, here are the best Large Roma Tomato Varieties you can try!

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Best Large Roma Tomato Varieties

1. SuperSauce

Super sauce is one of the largest Roma tomato varieties with an average size of 5-6 inches! It is an excellent addition to salads and sandwiches. These bigger tomatoes are easy to grow and disease free as well.

2. Russian Big Roma

Large Roma Tomato Varieties 2

This is an heirloom, indeterminate tomato variety that is especially used for making pastes. These deep red colored tomatoes have a meaty texture and tangy flavor. This variety is also disease resistant.

3. Granadero

Red skinned tomatoes of Granadero are of an oblong to oval shape. This tomato variety is pest resistant, and its meaty texture with an ability to boil faster makes it great for making paste and sauce.

4. Cauralina

Large Roma Tomato Varieties 3

These tomatoes have a meaty texture and sweet-tangy taste that makes them perfect for making sauce and canning purposes. They are also good for raw consumption in salads and slicing.

5. La Roma

The egg-shaped tomatoes of La Roma are of medium red color with thick and meaty skin.  This variety produces plenty of tomatoes in clusters with large and uniform size throughout the growing period.

6. San Marzano

Large Roma Tomato Varieties 4

San Marzano features deep red fruits and grows in a cluster of 5-6 tomatoes. These tomatoes have a meaty texture and are ready to harvest within 2-3 months.

7. Heinz

These large and flavorful tomatoes are mainly used for paste and canning. You can also make your own tomato ketchup at home with the help of these luscious Heinz tomatoes! These tomatoes have a tangy flavor and are disease resistant.

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