10 Hybrid Varieties of Tomato in India | Hybrid Tomatoes Types

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Hybrid Varieties of Tomato in India not only offer better production but great taste as well! Let’s have a look at the best ones!

When it comes to preparing cuisines in India, Tomatoes play a vital role! They are the most important ingredient in a variety of preparations like soups, salads, for making gravies of stews, curries, and sauces. They can also be eaten in both raw and cooked forms. If you have always thought that tomatoes have only one type, which we mostly eat, then you’re in for a surprise! Here are some of the best Hybrid Varieties of Tomato in India!

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum

Common Indian Names: Tamatar,  Tamaatar,  Golbhenda, Takkali, Khamen asinba

Tomato Cultivation in India

Although tomato plants are native to South America their cultivation takes place throughout the world. They are one of the common and most used vegetables in India. The country is the second-largest producer, after China. It produces around 11% of the total production of tomatoes in the world. The Indian states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orrisa, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Bihar are the major producers of tomatoes. Out of all states, Andhra Pradesh is the largest tomato producing state in India.

Hybrid Varieties of Tomato in India

Hybrid is a cross between the two famous varieties. This way, the variety produced carries the qualities of both the parent variety. The plants grown from these hybrid varieties show better quality and resistance towards diseases and climates, with excellent production as well. Here are some of the most common hybrid varieties of tomato in India.

1. Pusa Rohini

The was first introduced by Indian Agricultural Research Institute in the year 2005. The fruits of this variety can stay fresh for longer times. They are medium in size and have smooth thick skin, red in color. The average yield of this variety is 412 q/ha.

2. Pusa Sadabahar

Hybrid Verities of Tomato in India

Another variety by Indian Agricultural Research Institute, introduced in 2004. This cultivar produces higher yields of tomatoes. The fruits are oval in shape and have a shiny skin with a bright red color.

3. Pusa Upahar

The fruits of this variety are round medium in size and have a thick pulp. The fruits of this variety are borne in clusters and bear around 3-5 fruits in each. The variety is also an introduction from IARI in the year 1996.  The average yield of this variety is around 370 q/ ha.

4. Arka Shreshtha

An introduction from the India Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore. Fruits of this cultivar have a larger shelf life. The variety produces an average yield of 700 q/ha, and the weight of the fruits is around 60-70 grams, each.

5. Arka Vardhan

The plants of this cultivar bear flat round fruits that are dark red in color. This variety is resistant to nematodes and was also developed by IIHR, Bangalore.

6. Arka Vishal


With an average yield of 750 q/ha, this variety from IIHR, Banglore becomes one of the high yielding cultivars. The fruits of this variety are firm and round in shape, with a deep red color. These fruits are resistant to fruit cracking.

7. Arka Saurabh

It is a medium yielding variety of tomatoes, by IIHR, Bangalore. The average per hectare production ranges 380 q. They are firm, round in shape, and have a thick pulp and have a nipple at the apex.

8. Punjab Chauraha

This variety was introduced by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana in 1981. The fruits are pear-shaped, and have a very less amount of seeds and are sweeter than the other tomato variety.

9. HS-101

The variety is an introduction from HAU, Hissar in the year 1975. The fruits of this variety are round and medium in size. These plants bear fruits in clusters of 3-4, each. The variety is suitable for cultivation in the winter season.

10. Punjab Kesari

Hybrid Verities of Tomato in India 4

Punjab Kesari was first developed in 1987. It is an early maturing variety of tomatoes. The fruits are resistant to cracking and offer good shelf life.

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