Harpreet Monga

Harpreet Monga

Harpreet Monga 

Harpreet Monga is a seasoned content writer with a deep-rooted passion for cultivating ideas and bringing them to life through the written word. Over the course of 2 years in India Gardening, Harpreet has become a storyteller with a distinct focus on the world of gardening, contributing over 150 articles to India Gardening. Her expertise in writing how to grow beautiful plants and trees is really commendable. Notably, the writing journey extends beyond this, with a freelancing stint at the renowned Times of India, adding a prestigious chapter to the narrative.


  • Accomplished Content Writer
  • Gardening Enthusiast
  • Literary Artisan
  • Over 150 gardening articles
  • Times of India Freelancer
  • Passion for nurturing the natural world


Harpreet embarked on the educational path at St. Raphael’s Higher Secondary School in Indore, completing 12th grade in 2012. Following a keen interest in communication, Harpreet pursued Mass Communication and Journalism at Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya. Even during academic pursuits, writing remained a constant, with contributions to various book projects under the guidance of academic directors.


As Harpreet continues to traverse the expansive landscapes of content creation, the commitment remains resolute—to sow the seeds of captivating stories that resonate with hearts and minds alike. With each written piece, Harpreet aspires to paint a canvas of narratives that endure and captivate.

Beyond the realms of mere gardening tips, Harpreet’s words delve into a broader connection with nature. Each article is akin to planting a seed, with the intention of nurturing it into a tapestry of understanding and appreciation for the natural world.