9 Types of Indoor Ferns | Best Ferns to Grow Indoors

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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If you want to bring a lush tropical look to your rooms, then here are the Best Types of Indoor Ferns you must grow! They look fabulous and are also easy to maintain!

Ferns are the most appealing addition to indoors thanks to their glossy, green fronds that look quite stunning in baskets. If you want the most beautiful ones for your home, then here are the Best Types of Indoor Ferns for you!

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Best Ferns to Grow Indoors

1. Bird’s Nest Fern

Types of Indoor Ferns

Botanical Name: Asplenium nidus

One of the best Types of Indoor Ferns, its glossy, light green and lance-shaped fronds look like a nest of the bird. The edges also have a wavy look to them.

2. Staghorn Fern

Botanical Name: Platycerium

As the name suggests, the fronds of this fern resemble the horns of the deer. They have a leathery texture with a thin layer of tiny hair. The plant does best in bright, indirect light.

3. Maidenhair Fern

Types of Indoor Ferns 2

Botanical Name: Adiantum

Maidenhair fern has fan-shaped, green leaves that match well with the wire-like black stems. Mist this plant well and keep it in bright, indirect light.

4. Boston Fern

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata

If you want to bring that lush tropical look indoors, then this is the fern to grow. It is very easy to maintain and also cleanses the indoor air by eliminating VOCs like xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde.

5. Asparagus Fern

Types of Indoor Ferns 3

Botanical Name: Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus fern is not a true fern and features feathery fronds that give it a fluffy and delicate appearance. It can do well in bright sunlight and can tolerate low watering, too.

6. Cinnamon Fern


Botanical Name: Osmundastrum cinnamomeum

The tuft of pinnate leaves is the primary feature of this fern. This fern grows in the form of clumps and features spore-bear, cinnamon-colored fronds that make a perfect statement indoors.

7. Blue Star Fern

Types of Indoor Ferns 4

Botanical Name: Phlebodium aureum

Blue star fern is popular for its stunning rosette of blue-green fronds. To make sure it achieves the best color, keep it in a location where the plant gets a lot of bright but indirect sunlight.

8. Holly fern

Botanical Name: Cyrtomium falcatum

Waxy texture, glossy, deep green, and segmented fronds of holly make a bold statement in homes. This fern variety is quite hardy, resilient in nature, and prefers high humidity for optimum growth.

9. Kangaroo Fern

Types of Indoor Ferns 5

Botanical Name: Microsorum pustulatum

This fern displays deep green fronds that pair well with the semi-wiry stems. It does best in a lot of humidity, so place its pot on a pebble and water bowl.

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