Are Bagworms Harmful to Humans?

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Are Bagworms Harmful to Humans? Do you need to be worried if you spot them in your garden? Are they dangerous? Find out all the answers here!

Are Bagworms Harmful to Humans

Bagworms are basically moths that emerge out of the bag-like covering, hence the name. They live most of their lives inside a protective shell or bag, mostly feeding on different plants, and grow in the process. Males are black and have wings while the females are white in color and do not have wings or antennae. If you have spotted them in your garden and are wondering—Are Bagworms Harmful to Humans, then we will answer that question for you!

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How Do Bagworms Harm Garden Plants?

During spring, the larvae leave the bag by releasing one silky thread and drops down to nearby plants or trees with its help. Once it sticks to the host plant, it starts feeding on the foliage, causing defoliation and branches to turn brown in some cases. They also wrap silk-like threads around the branches that can kill the twigs in a couple of years.

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Are Bagworms Harmful to Humans?

Are Bagworms Harmful to Humans 2

Bagworms do not pose any harm or threat to humans. However, they can damage the fabric of rugs and clothing. They also feed on human hair and dead insects. So, if you spot a few of them around your house, it would be a good idea to get rid of them using any insect repellent spray.

How to Keep Bagworms Away From Homes?

If you figure out the presence of larvae in your house, then remove them immediately. If the infestation from these larvae is minor, you can wash the rug or clothes in a hot wash cycle and dry. But, if the infestation is widespread, it is advised to discard it right away.

How To Keep Bagworms Away From the Garden?

Handpicking bagworms off the plants is the easiest way.  Alternatively, you can also use neem oil solution or an insecticidal soap for this purpose. Just apply one of them around the bags and it will help you get rid of them in no time!

Birds, insects, and parasites are the natural enemies of bagworms.

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