10 Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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Love succulents and want to grow them at your home and gardens? Here are the Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India that you’ll ever come across!

Succulents are desert plants with fleshy and thickened leaves. They retain a significant amount of water in them and require minimum maintenance. Their small size makes them ideal for a piece of modern decoration in many households in India. In this article, you’ll find the 10 Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India.

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Important Succulent Growing Tips in India

1. When to Grow Succulent Plants?

Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India

Succulents thrive in warm and dry climates as they can retain water. Hence in India, where it is mostly hot throughout the year, succulents will grow well both as indoor or outdoor plants. Winter and spring season are the best seasons to start growing them.

2. The Correct Pot Size

Usually, succulents have shallow roots, so they do well in smaller pots as they develop the roots ends quickly. While picking the container for repotting your succulent plants, make sure that the pot has a drainage hole and is only 1 size bigger than the previous pot.

3. How to Water Succulents?

When you water succulents, you need to ensure that they receive just the right amount of water and are not underwatered or overwatered.


Remember, Succulents can rot and die if you overwater them. More often than not, succulents die of overwatering than underwatering. Only water the soil when the soil gets dry. A practice of watering them once in a week is healthy.


Succulents retain water in their leaves. Smaller ones can survive up to 3-4 weeks without water, whereas larger ones can go up to 4-5 months. However, if absolutely no water is provided to the succulents beyond this time, they might die.

4. The Right Soil

Succulents need good drainage soil – a growing medium that doesn’t hold moisture. While preparing the soil, incorporate sand, volcanic rocks, and even spread out some pebbles to ensure a proper drainage system. Ensure that the soil is light and loamy.

5. Exposure to Sunlight

Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India 2

Succulents grow best under direct sunlight. However, overexposure to sunlight can harm them. In India, many states receive harsh sunlight, especially during the afternoons. Try to save your plants from the afternoon sun and keep them at a spot that receives partial shade.

6. Ensure Sufficient Space for Air Circulation

Bedroom Succulents also need air to breathe and survive. Especially, succulents like Aloe vera and kalanchoe require proper air circulation. Place them near a window or door so that they have a better chance at survival. Good air circulation prevents diseases and keeps the plant infection-free.

7. Change the Position of the Plant

Even though succulents love direct sunlight, they might get overexposed to it. Thus, rotating the Indoor plants increases the chances of their survival. Moreover, usually, they lean towards the sunlight. So, the rotation of the plant will ensure that your succulent stands up straight.

8. Keep them Clean

Similar to your furniture, your plants accumulate dust. Reach out to the difficult spots with a damp towel, clean the dust and debris on the leaves.

9. Fertilizers for Succulents

Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India 3

They love to grow in normal, garden soil and do not require a lot of fertilizer. However, you can feed them with a balanced fertilizer once in 6 months for the best results.

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10. Keep Free from Bugs

Succulents mostly stay free from pests; however, bugs can be a problem, also the mealybugs and spider mite are the two types of pests you need to be careful about. They can be handpicked, or a spray of neem oil will be enough to get rid of them.

2 thoughts on “10 Most Important Succulent Growing Tips in India”

  1. I am trying to propagate succulent from leaves. For many weeks the leaves are seen with thread like roots. I am confused whether to sprinkle water on these leaves, where to keep them, indoor or outdoor etc. How do I post the photo so that you can see it and lete know if it’s normal or not. Please help.

    • Hi Neelam, Thank you for your comment. Mist them whenever the top surface is completely dry. Also, you can sprinkle some fine succulent soil or cocopeat on roots to facilitate faster growth. Keep them in a shady spot and they will grow leaves in a few weeks.

      You can share a photo on our Facebook page or group.


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