Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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One of the ancient languages of Hinduism, Sanskrit holds a lot of importance in Indian Culture. Here’re some Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit!

Sanskrit is one of the oldest Indo-Aryan languages with a strong linkage with the Hindu and Buddhist religions as all the chants, hymn, and rituals are performed in this language. If you are intrigued by the beauty of this language, then learn more words of it with this list of popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit.

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Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit

1. Apple

Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit

Sanskrit Name: Sevam / Sevaphalam

Red skinned apples are always a healthy snack.

2. Mango

Sanskrit Name: Aamram

Juicy and sweet mangoes feature green skin that slowly turns yellow-orange as per the variance of ripening.

3. Coconut

Sanskrit Name: Narikelam

Both the liquid and solid parts of the coconut are cherished raw and can be added to chutneys as well.

4. Orange

Sanskrit Name: Narangam

Apart from raw consumption, the tarty-sweet flavor of this fruit goes well in punches and juices.

5. Banana

Sanskrit Name: Kadliphalam

Bananas are relished raw in custard or salads, but their crunchy chips make them stand out.

6. Grapes

Sanskrit Name: Draksaphalam

Tarty-sweet grapes are cultivated either for table or raw consumption or for winemaking purposes.

7. Papaya

Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit 2

Sanskrit Name: Madhukarkati

Rich in fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, papaya is a boon for eye, heart, and digestive health.

8. Watermelon

Sanskrit Name: Kalingam

No other fruit can beat the cooling and juicy bite of watermelon during the hot summery days.

9. Muskmelon

Sanskrit Name: Kharbujam / Dashangulam

This sweet flesh melon with a floral note is coupled with other fruits for a salad or dessert.

10. Pineapple

Sanskrit Name: Annasam

This tropical fruit features a hard and spiny shell, followed by sweet flesh with floral undertones.

11. Guava

Sanskrit Name: Perukam / Dridbeejam

Green skinned guavas with red to cream flesh complements a range of delicacies.

12. Pomegranate

Sanskrit Name: Dadimum

Thanks to the tart-sweet seeds of a pomegranate that goes well in smoothies or for garnishing salads.

13. Strawberry

Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit 3

Sanskrit Name: Tran-badaram

Strawberries make a remarkable presence in salads, jams, and as topping for dessert or cake.

14. Cherry

Sanskrit Name: Prabadaram

High in Vitamins- A, C, and K, garnishing of cherry pep up the appearance of cakes, and mousse.

15. Date

Sanskrit Name: Kharjuram

Sweet dates are true dessert on their own, and also do not spike blood sugar, unlike other sweeteners.

16. Fig

Sanskrit Name: Udumbara

Fresh figs with honey-like fragrance taste good after grilling or baking.

17. Pear

Sanskrit Name: Amritphalam

Pears are sweet with a hint of sour, but the level of sweetness varies according to the degree of ripening.

18. Peach

Sanskrit Name: Aaruk / Kaanta

This fuzzy skin fruit is the best bet for treating anemia and skin related ailments.

19. Gooseberry

Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit 4

Sanskrit Name: Amalaki

Loaded with ascorbic acid, this translucent fruit is the star ingredient of Murabba and Pickles recipes.

20. Custard Apple

Sanskrit Name: Sitaphalam / Shriphalam

Sweet and aromatic flesh embedded on the seeds imparts cheerful flavors to Kheer and icecreams.

21. Blackberry

Sanskrit Name: Jambu

Blackberries’ subtle taste emerges when fully ripened.

22. Walnut

Sanskrit Name: Akshotam

Walnuts are packed with fats, protein, and fiber is a healthy snack to beat frequent hunger pangs.

23. Jujube

Sanskrit Name: Badriphalam

Crush jujube with tamarind, red chilies, salt, and jaggery for making ilanthai vadai.

24. Tamarind

Sanskrit Name: Tintidi / Tintrinnii

Intensely tarty tamarind is either made into chutney or ginger up the flavors of stir-fries and Chaats.

25. Wood Apple

Popular Fruit Names in Sanskrit 5

Sanskrit Name: Kapittham

Resembling the coconut appearance, wood apple is used in jams, juices, while ripened ones used in pickles.

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