Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas for the Living Room

Published on: 13.11.2023
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Build up the natural beauty of your living room with Macrame. Read ahead to learn about Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas that are stunning.

Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas

Macramé Wall Hangings and houseplants create a stunning and harmonious fusion of art and nature. Your living room is a perfect place to showcase your unique style and create a soothing environment. Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas for the living room allow you to add a touch of bohemian touch to your decor. When these exquisite, handcrafted pieces hold lush greenery, they bring a sense of serenity and life to your living space.

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Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas

1. Macramé Wall Hanging Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas 1

Make your living room look charming with a classic macramé wall hanging shelf. This Royal design not only showcases your favorite potted plants but also adds a touch of bohemian chic to your decor. The delicate knots of the macramé offer an eye-catching backdrop for your green companions.

2. Hanging Planter Duo

Prepare your living room with aesthetics and greenery. Just bring a pair of macramé plant hangers at varying heights. This symmetrical arrangement is visually pleasing and space-efficient, allowing you to maintain multiple plants with grace.

3. Suspended Succulent Garden

Succulents and macramé are a match made in design heaven. Hanging three small pots with different succulent varieties at different lengths provides a eye-catching look, infusing your space with a desert-inspired charm.

4. Floating Ferns

Add a touch of lush greenery with delicate cascading ferns in macramé hangers. Hang them in a corner, and watch as the soft fronds breathe life into your living room, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

5. Ladder Plant Hanger

For a unique and striking look, opt for a macramé ladder hanger. The ladder design introduces an artistic touch to your living room, making it a conversation starter.

6. Cactus Collection

Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas 9

Choose macramé hangers to house a collection of colorful cacti. The intriguing shapes and textures of these desert plants provide a captivating contrast to the softness of the macramé.

7. Bouquet

Introduce yellow and white colors into your living room with macramé hangers holding small vases filled with freshly cut flowers. Change the blooms to match the season, always adding a touch of natural beauty.

8. Single Statement Plant

Make one large, eye-catching plant the centerpiece of your living room. A macramé hanger with intricate knots will draw attention to your botanical masterpiece, making it the focal point of the space.

9. Macramé Window Garden

Hang your macramé hangers near the window to create a charming garden bathed in sunlight. Choose plants that thrive in indirect light to enjoy a constant stream of sunshine in your living room.

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10. Trailing Ivy

Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas 15

Ivy plants are ideal for macramé hangers, with their long tendrils cascading gracefully. When hung, they create an enchanted forest effect in your living room, evoking a sense of serenity.

11. Macramé Wall Garden

Craft a stunning living wall garden by hanging multiple macrame plant hangers closely together on the wall. This arrangement showcases an array of plants and textures, transforming your wall into a flourishing masterpiece.

12. Botanical Chandelier

Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Ideas 17

Transform your living room into an enchanting oasis by hanging multiple macramé hangers from a central point on the ceiling. This arrangement lets your plants dangle like chandelier crystals, casting beautiful shadows.

13. Floating Garden

For a layered and eye-catching intriguing look, combine macramé hangers of varying lengths to create a floating garden in your living room. This arrangement adds depth and an evergreen appeal to your space.

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