33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Explore the artistic Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with Flowers and add a touch of creativity to your doorstep with colors and fragrances.

Dussehra, the festival that commemorates the victory of good over evil, is celebrated with immense fervor and enthusiasm across India. One of the most delightful aspects of this festival is the tradition of creating colorful and vibrant rangolis (also known as kolams) at the entrance of homes and temples. These intricate designs not only add aesthetic charm but also hold deep cultural significance. To make your Dussehra celebrations even more special, here are 33 Dussehra Rangoli ideas with flowers that will infuse your surroundings with beauty and positivity.

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33 Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers

Here are some Rangoli Designs for Dussehra:

1. Ravan Effigy Rangoli

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 1

Design: Create a simple rangoli for dussehra of Ravana using flowers and petals.
Significance: Symbolizes the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana

2. Ramayana Rangoli

Amruta’s Rangoli & Mehndi Designs

Design: Depict scenes from the epic Ramayana dussehra special rangoli using flowers to celebrate Lord Rama’s victory.
Significance: Recounts the epic tale of good prevailing over evil.

3. Lotus of Purity

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 3

Design: Form a lotus flower using white and pink petals, with a diya your Dussehra Rangoli center.
Significance: The lotus signifies purity and enlightenment.

4. Floral Durga Puja Rangoli

Dussehra Rangoli1
Creative Crafts and Rangoli

Design: Create an intricate Dussehra Rangoli depicting Goddess Durga using various colorful flowers.
Significance: Pays homage to the divine feminine energy during Durga Puja celebrations.

5. Floral Fusion

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 5
Bhatkhande Rangolis

Design: Mix and match different types of flowers to create a colorful and vibrant Dussehra Rangoli.
Significance: Represents the diversity and unity of Indian culture.

6. Divine Diya


Design: Craft a diya shape with flowers, surrounded by intricate patterns and motifs.
Significance: Diya represents the victory of light and knowledge.

7. Symbolic Swastika

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 7
Enrich Minds


Design: Form a swastika symbol using contrasting flower petals, with decorative borders.
Significance: Swastika is a symbol of auspiciousness and well-being.

8. Rangoli with Roses


Design: Create a Dussehra Rangoli using only rose petals in different shades for a monochromatic elegance.
Significance: Roses symbolize love and beauty.

9. Traditional Kolam

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 9
easy rangoli


Design: Embrace the traditional Kolam design Dussehra Rangoli with rice flour and enhance it with colorful flower petals.
Significance: Kolam invites prosperity and positive energy.

10. Ganesha’s Blessing


Design: Depict Lord Ganesha’s image using flower petals, surrounded by intricate patterns.
Significance: Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and bestower of blessings.

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11. Mosaic Marvel

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 11
Rang Mitti Ke


Design: Craft a mosaic-like Dussehra Rangoli using an array of flower varieties and colors.
Significance: Symbolizes the mosaic of life.

12. Rangoli with Leaves


Design: Use a combination of flower petals and leaves to create a Dussehra Rangoli that blends nature’s elements.
Significance: Celebrates the harmony of nature.

13. Bird of Peace

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 13


Design: Depict a dove or pigeon, birds associated with peace, using flower petals.
Significance: Signifies harmony and tranquility.

14. Vibrant Vibes



Design: Opt for bold and contrasting colors to create a vibrant and eye-catching Dussehra Rangoli.
Significance: Represents the celebration of life’s colors.

15. Floral Om

Anjali Art box


Design: Craft the sacred Om symbol using a variety of flower petals.
Significance: Om represents the universal sound and spiritual energy.

16. Shimmering Diwali Lights


Design: Create Dussehra Rangoli patterns resembling Diwali lights using flower petals.
Significance: Evokes the festive spirit of Diwali.

17. Lotus Pond Fantasy

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 17
Jeet Rangoli


Design: Form a lotus pond with lotus flowers floating on water using flower petals and leaves.
Significance: Signifies purity and serenity.

18. Floral Elephant Parade


Design: Depict a procession of elephants adorned with flower garlands.
Significance: Elephants are symbols of wisdom and strength.

19. Tree of Life

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 19


Design: Create a tree with branches and leaves using flower petals.
Significance: Symbolizes growth and vitality.

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20. Traditional Dots

Menaka’s Rangoli



Design: Stick to traditional rangoli dots and enhance them with vibrant flowers.
Significance: Dots represent life’s interconnectedness.

21. Floral Mandala

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 21


Design: Craft a mandala-like pattern with intricate details using a mix of flower petals.
Significance: Mandala signifies wholeness and unity.

22. Rangoli Rhapsody

Radhika Creation


Design: Create a symphony of colors and patterns that dance across your doorstep.
Significance: Celebrates the joy of life.

23. Divine Charms

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 23


Design: Craft divine symbols like the Swastika, Om, and trident using flowers.
Significance: Invokes blessings and positivity.

24. Paisley Elegance


Design: Incorporate paisley motifs into your Dussehra Rangoli, using flower petals to add vibrant colors.
Significance: Paisley is a symbol of grace and beauty.

25. Floral Symmetry

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 25


Design: Opt for a symmetrical Dussehra Rangoli pattern with precise detailing using flower petals.
Significance: Represents balance and order.

26. Rangoli with Ferns

simple rangoli


Design: Combine fern leaves with flower petals to create a lush and green simple rangoli design for dussehra.
Significance: Embraces the beauty of nature.

27. Glistening Gems

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 27


Design: Create Dussehra Rangoli patterns that resemble glittering gems and jewels.
Significance: Signifies the preciousness of life.

28. Starry Delight



Design: Craft stars and constellations using flower petals for a celestial-themed Dussehra Rangoli.
Significance: Connects with the cosmic universe.

29. Floral Carpet

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 29



Design: Design a Dussehra Rangoli that resembles an ornate floral carpet with intricate details.
Significance: Embellishes your home like a royal palace.

30. Marigold Magic

Barsha Pathak


Design: Create a large marigold flower in the center, surrounded by colorful petals and leaves forming intricate patterns.
Significance: Marigolds symbolize the color and brightness of life.

31. Radiant Rangoli

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 31


Design: Craft a radiant sunburst pattern using a mix of rose and daisy petals, with a diya (oil lamp) at the center.
Significance: Represents the triumph of light over darkness.

32. Peacock Elegance


Design: Depict a majestic peacock small rangoli for dussehra with its vibrant plumage using a variety of flower petals.
Significance: The peacock symbolizes grace and beauty.

33. Rangoli with Religious Symbols:

33 Easy Dussehra Rangoli Ideas with flowers 33
Archana Puranik’s Rangolis


Design: Combine flowers to form religious symbols like the Om, Trishul, and more.
Significance: Invokes blessings and spiritual energy.

These 30 Dussehra rangoli ideas with flowers offer a myriad of ways to infuse your surroundings with the beauty of nature and the spirit of the festival. Whether you choose traditional motifs or contemporary designs, each rangoli for dussehra festival is a testament to the artistry and creativity that Dussehra celebrates. Let your doorstep bloom with these exquisite floral tapestries and usher in the festive season with grace and elegance. Happy Dussehra!

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