How to Make Your Pothos Grow Huge Leaves

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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If you want to know How to Make Your Pothos Grow Huge Leaves, then you are at the right place. We have all the tricks to help your money plant have large foliage!

If you have a money plant in your collection, you might be aware of the fact that it looks stunning with large, variegated foliage. If you want to know How to Make Your Pothos Grow Huge Leaves, then we have the best tricks for you!

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How to Make Your Pothos Grow Huge Leaves

1. Grow the Right Variety

How to Make Your Pothos Grow Huge Leaves

The key to having pothos with larger leaves is that you should opt for the varieties that naturally produce giant leaves. Go for Hawaiian and Golden pothos, as they produce large foliage with creamy-white variegation.

3. Make Sure the Plant Gets a Right Sun Exposure

Pothos grows best when exposed to 3-5 hours of bright but indirect sunlight. So, place it at an east-facing spot where it can get direct exposure during the morning and bright, but indirect light for the rest of the day.

2. Pay Attention While Propagating the Plant

If we take a cutting from variegated pothos and propagate it, then the new plant produces foliage with a similar pattern.

In the same way, when you propagate the cutting from a giant leaf’s pothos, then the newly grown plant will inherit the similar characteristics of the parent plant, and consequently, will also bear large leaves.

3. Water the Plant in a Correct Manner

Underwatering pothos can affect the foliage size, and overwatering can cause fungal problems. So, water the plant deeply only when the topsoil feels a bit dry to touch. Water the plant during the morning or evening time, without spilling on the leaves.

4. Get a Mature Plant

The plant should have foliage as large as the palms of your hand. A mature plant will have much larger leaves than a young specimen. So, when you go to a nursery, choose at least 2-3 years older sapling.

5. Let the Plant Climb on a Tree or a Pole

How to Make Your Pothos Grow Huge Leaves 2

It has been observed that pothos, when grown on any support like stakes or poles, bears large-sized leaves. Because in their native environment, these plants climb over the nearby trees, receiving ample sunlight and ventilation that results in large foliage.

So, consider training the plant on a pole, nearby tree, or a pipe in the garden. Also, make sure that the plant is not overgrowing its support as it will then start to droop down, resulting in small leaves.

6. Re-pot the Plant After Getting it from a Nursery


Plants purchased from the nurseries are sold in small pots, which prevents them from growing to their full potential. Therefore, consider transplanting the plant in a 1 to 2 size bigger pot after buying from the nursery.

Also, it is essential that you use a fresh growing medium while repotting the plant. Go for a potting mix that has a blend of 30% garden soil, 25% vermicompost or manure, 25% peat moss, and 20% of perlite.

7. Fertilize the Plant to Boost the Size of the Leaves

Feed pothos with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer, diluted to 1/4 of its strength, once every 4-6 weeks. You can also add a bit of cow dung manure in the growing medium.

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