12 Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties | Stunning Types of Pothos

Check out the Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties that you can grow easily in your homes all year round. They make for a stunning addition to indoor hanging baskets!

Money plant is not only easy to grow, but it also does well in indirect light, which makes it perfect for rooms. Here are the Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties you can include in your home for that fantastic green appeal!

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Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties

1. Golden Pothos

Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties

This pothos variety has a heart shape and waxy leaves in green color with random cream-yellow splashes. Its cascading stems look showy in the hanging baskets and pots.

2. Neon Pothos

Neon pothos has bright, lime green or chartreuse color leaves, which makes them stand out.  The younger, budding leaves have bright neon hues, while the older and mature ones attain a deep tinge of green neon.

3. Marble Queen Pothos

Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties 2

This pothos variety has green leaves with creamy white hues.  It is a trailing vine that looks perfect in hanging baskets. You can also keep it on top of shelves and watch its stems trail beautifully downwards.

4. Baltic Blue Pothos


The long leaves of this plant develop fenestrations that make it look quite remarkable. It does best in bright, indirect light, taking that blue hue!

5. Manjula Pothos

Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties 3

The heart-shape leaves of Manjula pothos showcase curvey borders with cream, silver, and white variegations that add to its visual appeal.

6. Jessenia Pothos


This pothos variety exhibits the blend of yellow-green tones. Its foliage is reminiscent of the marble queen pothos, except for the fact that it has lesser variegation.

7. Silver Pothos

Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties 4

Silver pothos has long trailing stems that can grow up to 6-10 feet long. This vine plant showcases dark green leaves with silver markings. It is also popular as satin silver pothos.

8. Cebu Blue Pothos

Cebu Blue Pothos has silver to blue leaves. This evergreen perennial vine is known for its cluster of unique foliage and does best in bright, indirect light.

9. Hawaiin Pothos

Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties 9

Hawaiin pothos features dark green leaves with random yellow variegation. Pruning helps to keep its size and compact growth habit in check.

10. Jade Pothos


This pothos displays white, silver, and gray variegations on the leaves. For the best display, grow it in hanging baskets and keep it where it gets bright light.

11. Snow Queen Pothos

Most Beautiful Pothos Varieties 15

The bold patches of white-cream splashes on the rich green foliage make these pothos quite stunning to look at. As the name suggests, most of the part of the foliage is pure white and the rest is green.

12. Harlequin Pothos

Its leaves have plenty of white variegations with a little green shade. For the best color, give it the right dose of bright indirect light and the plant will continue to thrive all year long.


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  1. your Neon pothos and your Jade pothos, pictured, are philodendrons. I realize they look similar, but pictures are everywhere distinguishing the two. the picture of the “silver” pothos (scindapsis) is very silver, and beautiful. Not what I commonly see as silver satin. I was wondering if you knew the cultivar name.


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