14 Fastest Growing Succulents You Can Grow in India

Last Updated: 20.12.2023
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Brighten up your home garden with these Fastest Growing Succulents. They are easy to grow and perfect for impatient gardeners!

People love growing succulents for a variety of reasons. They are easy to grow, don’t demand special attention, and look stunning as ornamental specimens on tables and shelves. If you have never grown them before, then give them a rewarding try with these Fastest Growing Succulents!

Here are the best beginner succulents in India

Fastest Growing Succulents

1. Kalanchoe


Recommended Variety: Mother of Thousands

Kalanchoes are fast-growing succulents popular for their bright blooms and thick green leaves. Varieties like Mother of Thousands and Chocolate Solider go from seeds to new plants within weeks.

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2. Echeveria

Recommended Variety: Hens and Chicks

These succulents are known for their elegant look and undemanding nature. They grow horizontally and widen up from 2 inches to 5-8 inches in a year with minimal care needs.

3. Aloe


Recommended Variety: Aloe Vera, Krantz Aloe

Aloe plants hold high ornamental and medicinal value in Indian households. With proper care, they can grow 2-6 inches tall yearly and don’t demand special attention.

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4. Crassula


Recommended Variety: Jade Plant, String of Buttons

Crassulas grow fast indoors and outdoors and come in various colors and shapes. Avoid overwatering to keep them thriving and water only when the topsoil feels dry on the touch.

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5. Sedum


Recommended Variety: Golden Sedum

Sedum has thousands of beautiful varieties featuring uniquely shaped leaves in remarkable red, green, gray, yellow, orange, and purple shades. Most of these succulents are rapid growers.

6. Agave

Recommended Variety: Century Plant

Agave succulents showcase attractive rosette-forming leaves. They have an immense reputation for high-drought tolerance and the ability to adapt to a wide range of growing conditions.

7. Graptosedum


Recommended Variety: California Sunset

This is a hybrid succulent family and grows relatively slow compared to the succulents mentioned above. They sprawl faster, growing from 2 inches to 7 inches in a year.

8. Schlumbergera


Recommended Variety: Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera is another resilient and fast-growing succulent with a fascinating appearance . They bloom big flowers in beautiful white, pink, orange, purple, and yellow accents.

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9. Dracaena

Recommended Variety: Snake Plant

These are the fastest-growing succulents you can grow in India. They are easy to grow and are suitable for Indian Climates.

10. Adenium


Recommended Variety: Desert Rose

Adenium grows up to 7-10 feet tall when planted on the ground but is smaller in pots. They are the most attractive succulents for the charming look of your garden.

11. Gymnocalycium

Recommended Variety: Moon Cactus

In India, Moon Cacti are one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing succulents. They grow well indoors and like to be in shady or indirect sunlight for better growth.

12. Sedum


Recommended Variety: Stone Crop

If you want an easy to maintain specimen, then this succulent is the best for you. Make sure you use a well-draining soil and give them plenty of dappled light.

13. Lithops

Recommended Variety: Living Stones

One of the best fastest growing succulents in India, they stand out with their colors and shape! These are small in size and look the same as stones or pebbles.

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14. Hoya

Recommended Varity: Wax Plant

These succulents are popular for their beautiful dual tone leaves. They are easy to care for and also bloom in the right growing conditions, when they get plenty of sunlight.

Tips To Make Your Succulents Grow Faster

Fastest Growing Succulents 5

Here are some amazing tips which can help you take proper care of your succulents and make them grow fast.

1. Use Quality Potting Soil with Good Drainage

Succulents grow best in well-draining cactus and succulent potting soil. They are easily available in nearby nurseries and online. You can also make it at home with the help of these DIY recipes.

2. Choose a Right Container

Succulents thrive well in wide and shallow pots. Ensure your container has sufficient drainage holes, so it doesn’t hold water for long, causing root rot.

3. Follow a Watering Schedule

Overwatering and underwatering both are bad for the overall growth of your plant. So it is wise to water only when the soil feels dry.

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