Can Money Plant Grow in an Aquarium?

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

If you are wondering – Can Money Plant Grow in Aquarium, then you are at the right place! Find out everything and more!

Can Money Plant Grow in an Aquarium?

Yes! A money plant can easily grow in an aquarium, fishbowl, or any glass container, thanks to its ability to thrive in plain water. It not only looks showy but also cleanses the aquarium by absorbing nitrates from the water. Let’s find more about – Can Money Plant Grow in Aquarium!

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How to Grow Money Plant in an Aquarium or Fishbowl?

  1. Snip off 4-6 inches of money plant stem with a slanted cut. The cutting must have 10-12 nodes for better growth.
  2. Put the cutting in a water-filled aquarium in a way that its end and 2-3 nodes are submerged in the water.
  3. As the aquarium water with money plant becomes dirty very frequently, change it often.
  4. The plant gets nutrition by absorbing nitrates and other minerals. But absorption by the plant can cause fishes to starve for food. Make sure to use fish food in ample amount.

Growing Requirements in an Aquarium

Can Money Plant Grow in an Aquarium? 2


Money plants thrive best when exposed to bright, indirect sunlight. Locate the aquarium at a place where it can get 1-2 hours of the morning sun. It will be beneficial for the plant.


Pruning promotes healthy growth and will also ensure that the plant is not overcrowding the aquarium.  It will also keep the shape and size of your beloved plant in check. Prune back the stems by pinching up to two to three nodes. Also, make sure to remove any yellowing or wilting leaves from the plant periodically.


Let the tap water sit in a bucket overnight before you use it in the aquarium. It will make chlorine settle down at the bottom. Whenever you see the water slightly discolored, change it immediately.

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