15 Best Mango Variety in India You Got to Eat Once

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Summers are awaited throughout the year due to what comes with it, Mangoes! Read on to know about the Best Mango Variety in India!

Mango or Aam, as is it commonly known in Hindi, is the national fruit of India.  Mangoes provide you with a soothing ‘cool’ in the hot summertime. They represent the cultural facet of our country to the world. India is not only the largest mango producing country but is also the world leader for producing some of the world-famous varieties of Mangoes as well! There are around 250 varieties of Mangoes available throughout India. Here’s a list of some of the best mango variety in India.

1. Hapus/Alphonso

Best Mango Variety In India 1

Hapus is on the top of the most popular varieties of Mango. Native to Maharashtra, it also grows in Gujrat and Karnataka. Hapus is easily recognizable due to its saffron-colored, fiberless flesh and sweet taste. It is the most expensive variety of mangoes in India.

2. Dasheri

Best Mango Variety In India 2

These mangoes are famous for their rich and savory flavor. This variety is native to the northern state of Uttar Pradesh- the largest mango producing state in India. Moreover, they are easily differentiable due to their green peels. It’s the largest selling variety of Mango in India. Hence, they are a favorite of this country.

3. Langra

Best Mango Variety In India 3

Another popular type of Mangoes, Langra is native to the Varanasi district in Uttar Pradesh. This mango is oval and does not change its green cover even when it is ripe. Also, the name of the variety comes from the first owner of the tree, who was lame.

4. Chausa


Chausa is one of the sweetest varieties of mangoes. This variety also comes from Uttar Pradesh. They come in greenish-yellow color and have rich pulp, which you can suck directly from the fruit.

5. Badami


No other variety of mango can compare with the sweetness of Badami Aam! These mangoes are perfect for the preparation of mango juice or shakes. They generally grow in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujrat.

6. Totapuri


You can quickly identify this variety due to its beak-shaped tip. This variety is the right combination of sweet and tart, and it is cultivated in large quantities. Totapuri is native to Karnataka and is also a cultivar of Telangana, Andra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

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7. Pairi


This variety hits markets early in the season. It is different from other types in color, as well as in taste. Unlike others, the skin of this variety of mango has a slight reddish tinge, and it tastes a little tangy but is very juicy.

8. Malda

The name of this variety comes from the place of its origin, Malda, a district in West Bengal. These mangoes are famous for their sweet taste and thin skin. Moreover, this mango has a high demand in and outside the country as well.

9. Neelam

Neelam mainly grows in southern states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andra Pradesh in India. This variety is famous for its orange color and unique fragrance. Besides that, the size of this variety is smaller than the others.

10. Banganpalli/ Safeda/ Benishan

Available throughout the summers, this exquisite Mango variety has a sweet and sour taste. It mainly grows in Andra Pradesh with its origin in the same place.

11. Kesar

This variety of Mango traces its roots in the Junagarh district of Gujrat. Famous for its saffron or Kesar like fragrance, this Mango is best for Mango making mango delicacies like Aamras.

12. Himsagar

This mango mainly grows in the district of  Murshidabad in West Bengal. However, you’ll also find it in Bihar. This fruit has fiberless pulp and therefore is appropriate for making various kinds of sweets and drinks.

13. Lalbagh

Best Mango Variety in India 13

Another one from the lands of Maharashtra, this variety is famous for its reddish-brown color and thick pulp. Thus, it has uses in making various kinds of pickles and jams.

14. Amrapali

Best Mango Variety in India 14

It is a hybrid variety from a cross between Dasheri and Neelam. This variety grows across the whole of India. The trees of this variety bear small fruits. However, these reddish-yellow fruits are delightful in taste.

15. Mulgoba

Best Mango Variety in India 15

Mulgobas are important cultivars of the South Indian states, mainly, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These mangoes are round in shape and stay green in color even when ripe. They have a sweet pulp, rich in flavor.

 Other Popular Varieties

There are large varieties of Mangoes available in India. Namely, Mallika, Kishanbhog, Sindoori, Raspuri, Bombay green, Gulab Khas, Lakshmanbhog, Black, and Rose, Alampur, Rajapuri, and Imam Pasand.

To sum up, we can say that there are hundreds of varieties of Mangoes that grow across the country. The grandeur of people’s love for certain types like Dasheri and Hapus remains unsurpassed. Indeed, the love of mango is the same in all age groups. Mangoes in the house are also the reason why Indian families sit together and relish the flavors of their favorite fruit!

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