8 Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors in India

Last Updated: 02.01.2024
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Sakshi Kasat, an indoor gardener and content creator from Indore, India, transitioned from teaching to follow her gardening passion during the pandemic. She's an expert in indoor gardening, with over 150 articles published. Her favorite plant, the Peace Lily, reflects her mission to inspire others. In gardening and writing, she finds pure inspiration and contentment.

Want to grow absurd looking plants in your home? Here’s a list of some of the most Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors!

Bringing unusual houseplants home is a brilliant way to add character to space. They look extraordinary and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are bored of growing normal plants, try these Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors!

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Weird Houseplants For Indoors

1. Lifesaver Plant

Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors

Botanical Name: Huernia zebrine

This tiny succulent is cherished for its unusual yet remarkable appearance. Its flowers consist of a raised donut-like burgundy ring in the center, surrounded by a cream color pattern.

2. Living Stones

Botanical Name: Lithops

Lithops are small succulents with a pair of pebble-like leaves fused together. They resemble stones in appearance and make a great addition to tray and terrariums.

3. Staghorn Fern

Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors 2

Botanical Name: Platycerium bifurcatum

Staghorn is an interesting and unique fern variety, popular for its large horns shaped leaves. It is a perfect indoor plant for hanging baskets and thrives well in high humidity.

4. Corkscrew Albuca

Botanical Name: Albuca spiralis

Commonly known as Frizzle Sizzle, this indoor plant adds visual interest to living spaces with its curled slender leaves. To encourage better growth, provide plenty of sunlight.

5. Dolphin Succulent

Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors 3

Botanical Name: Senecio peregrinus

Dolphin succulent is the result of cross-pollination between the String of Pearls and Candle plant. It has cute dolphin shaped leaves and looks splendid trailing in hanging baskets.

6. Bat Flower

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

If you are a fan of Batman, you are definitely going to love this black flowering plant. It resembles a bat in appearance and adds a magical touch to modern home decor styles.

7. Pencil Cactus

Weird Houseplants You Can Grow Indoors 4

Botanical Name: Euphorbia tirucalli

Pencil Cactus is one of the weirdest houseplants in India and South Africa. This drought-tolerant specimen is easy to grow indoors and does well in bright sunlight.

8. Cushion Aloe

Botanical Name: Haworthia cooperi

This strange succulent appears to be a bunch of green bubbles grouped together on rocks. It is low-maintenance and a perfect ornamental addition to tabletops and work desks.

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