5 Ways To Grow Pothos | Pothos Growing Ideas

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Looking for inspiring money plant growing ideas? You’re at the right place! Explore some of the awesome ways to grow pothos at home!

Ways To Grow Pothos

Popularly known as the money plant in India, pothos can be found in many homes, thanks to its easy to grow nature and stunning glossy foliage. Right from hanging baskets to a flower vase, you can grow these in a variety of ways and add a tropical touch to your interiors! Here are some amazing ways to grow pothos at home.

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What is Pothos?

Pothos are delightful evergreen plants with green, heart-shaped leaves. They are versatile in nature and thrive well indoors, as well as outdoors, requiring very less care. According to a NASA study, pothos purifies the air by filtering harmful toxins and bad odors from the air. They also improve humidity and very easy to grow.

Best Ways To Grow Pothos

1. Growing Pothos in Terrarium

High humidity, warm temperature, and indirect bright light make pothos an indestructible houseplant to grow in a terrarium. You can easily propagate stem cuttings in soil. Do not forget to prune it regularly to ensure it doesn’t overgrow in the terrarium. Ensure to keep the leaves above the water level to avoid rotting.

2. Growing Pothos in Hanging Baskets

Ways To Grow Pothos 2

Adorn the look of your balcony and living room by growing pothos in hanging baskets. Being a climbing vine it trails long and looks spectacular. Use a potting soil with equal parts of perlite and sphagnum peat. Watch this tutorial to learn about the growing procedure in brief.

3. Growing Pothos in Fish Aquarium

Planting pothos in aquariums helps in filtering nitrates and providing shade and aeration to your swimming friends. They also add a tropical touch to your fish tank. Check out this video to learn about the procedure in brief.

4. Growing Pothos in Water Bottle

Ways To Grow Pothos 3

Growing pothos in a plastic bottle is an easy and fun activity for gardeners who love doing new experiments. Just take a transparent bottle with wide-mouth, add the desirable medium (soil or water) and plant the pothos stem cutting in it. When growing in water, remember to replace the water once every two weeks.

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5. Growing Pothos in Flower Vase

Similar to growing pothos in a bottle, it is easy to grow these beautiful houseplants in a flower vase. Fill water and balance liquid fertilizer in the vase and plant the pothos from the cut ends. Remember to place the flower vase in a location that receives bright, indirect sunlight and replace the water regularly.

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