Watering Hacks for Mini Succulents

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Wondering how to water your miniature fleshy plants without stressing or overwatering them? Try out these Watering Hacks for Mini Succulents!

Maintaining succulents is quite easy, as long as you know how to water them. So, if you are confused about the schedule, don’t worry! We have some really great Watering Hacks for Mini Succulents!

Here’s how to take care of succulents in winter

How to Water Succulents

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Mini Succulents

Miniature succulents appreciate light spray of water. Misting them once in 3-5 days is ideal. For a precise approach, touch the topsoil. If it feels dry, mist the plant and soil.

Mature Succulents

Instead of misting, mature succulents should be deeply watered. Also, make sure not to spill water on the leaves while watering. Water it again only when the soil dries out completely.

Points to Consider while Watering Succulents


The soil for succulents must be fast-draining. Use a potting mix for cacti and succulents. You can even DIY it by mixing 3-parts of potting soil, 2-parts of coarse sand, and 1-part of perlite.


Prefer terracotta or ceramic planter for better aeration and drainage, as these are breathable materials and allow water to evaporate. People also prefer plastic and glass terrarium, but these are not breathable, hence require more monitoring.

Drainage Holes

Be it ceramic, concrete, or terracotta planter, there must be atleast one drainage hole at the bottom to let the excess water drain out of the pot. If you are using a glass, or plastic terrarium with no drainage hole, consider using a layer of gravel, pebble, or charcoal at the bottom.

Water Type

It is the best idea to use distilled or rainwater for watering succulents as direct tap water is hard and contains many minerals like calcium and magnesium, which is not ideal for watering. You can also keep the tap water overnight to allow chemicals to evaporate in the air or sit in the bottom.

Watering Hacks for Mini Succulents

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  1. Succulents need frequent watering during the active growth period of summers and springs instead of cooler months of winters.
  2. Use soak and dry method for mature ones, as misting will induce a weaker root system.
  3. Always use a watering can for watering well-grown succulents and pick a spray bottle for watering mini succulents.
  4. It is always best to underwater these desert inhabitant succulents instead of overwatering. Succulents can easily tolerate water stress, but overwatering is like killing them.

Some Additional Points

Sign of Overwatered Succulents: The color of the leaves become translucent. They also feel very mushy and soft.

Sign of Underwatered Succulents: The tip of the underwatered succulents becomes shrivel and crisp. The leaves also start to turn dry and wrinkled.

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