Popular Vegetable Names in Urdu

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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One of the ancient and most rich languages of the world, Urdu has always been special. Here are some of the popular Popular Vegetable Names in Urdu!

Falling in the list of ‘Most spoken language of the World’, there are around 66 million native speakers of Urdu. Mostly spoken in Pakistan and Indian administered Kashmir, Urdu or Lashkari sounds reminiscent to Hindi. Here is a list of popular Vegetable Names in Urdu!

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Popular Vegetable Names in Urdu!

1. Okra

Vegetable Names in Urdu

Urdu Name: Bhindi

This green, pod vegetable is cooked by fusing a variety of spices and condiments in sliced form.

2. Brinjal

Urdu Name: Bengan

Brinjal tastes best in braising, stir-frying, deep-frying, or roasting forms.

3. Tomato

Urdu Name: Tamaatar

Whether be it a delicacy ‘Gosht karahi‘ or street food ‘Chana chaat’, tomatoes play a vital role in all.

4. Onion

Urdu Name: Piyaaz/ Basal

This ubiquitous vegetable can be chopped for cooking, or sliced for sandwiches, and salad.

5. Garlic

Urdu Name: Lehsan

The intense and pungent flavored garlic is paired with onion, tomato, or ginger while cooking.

6. Ginger

Urdu Name: Adrak

Its warm and tarty-earthy taste tenderizes upon cooking and complements all savory food.

7. Chilli

Vegetable Names in Urdu 2

Urdu Name: Mirch

Pride of the ethnic cuisine, both fresh and dried chili renders spiciness to the recipes.

8. Turnip

Urdu Name: Shaljum

Sweet and nutty turnip serves as matchstick garnish in the salad platter.

9. Radish

Urdu Name: Mooli

The crunchy texture and acerbic flavor of radish bring a touch of counterpoint in salads.

10. Carrot

Urdu Name: Gaajar

This versatile root is used to impart favorable color and sweetness in the range of delicacies.

11. Coriander

Urdu Name: Dhaniya

The piquant-lemon flavored aromatic leaves of coriander extensively use for garnishing by all cuisines.

12. Cauliflower

Urdu Name: Phool Gobhiyan

This staple veggie rules in every kitchen, and cooked as a side dish or stuffed parathas.

13. Cabbage

Vegetable Names in Urdu 3

Urdu Name: Band Gobhiyan

Crispy, shredded cabbage is used in versatile recipes ranging from salad, stir-fries, and soups.

14. Potato

Urdu Name: Aalu

Aaloo complements a lot of dishes in Mughlai cuisines.

15. Jackfruit

Urdu Name: Kathal / Mashriqi Hindustan Ka Phal

Works as a meat substitute, while the ripened ones are added to desserts.

16. Pointed Gourd

Urdu Name: Patall / Parwal

Pointed gourd complements well with meat stuffing, stews, and curries.

17. Snake Gourd

Urdu Name: Chachunda

This gourd promotes weight loss, and hair growth, while beneficial for fever and jaundice.

18. Pumpkin

Urdu Name: Paitha / Kaddu

The earthy taste of pumpkin mellow down upon cooking and can be used in pie-making as well.

19. Ridge Gourd

Vegetable Names in Urdu 4

Urdu Name: Torai / Turai

It is rich in Vitamin-A, C, B6, iron, and magnesium, and dietary fibers.

20. Bottle Gourd

Urdu Name: Lauki

Though chiefly used in stir-fries, drinking its juice keep urinary tract and heart problems at bay.

21. Cucumber

Urdu Name: Kheera

The slices of hydrating cucumber make a delightful addition to smoothies, salads, and sandwich stuffing.

22. Bell pepper

Urdu Name: Shimla Mirch

The crunchy chunks of bell pepper ginger up the taste of sandwiches, and salads.

23. Mushroom

Urdu Name: Futr / Khumbi

Umami taste mushrooms convey the desirable flavor in certain recipes.

24. Beans

Urdu Name: Baqla / Lobia

Beans are packed with fiber, protein, carbohydrates, folate, magnesium, and iron.

25. Peas

Vegetable Names in Urdu 5

Urdu Name: Mutter

Both, fresh and dried peas break the monotony of regular food by pairing with vegetables, soups, and stews.

26. Luffa

Urdu Name: Raam Toree

Luffa can be prepared into stir-fries, or curries, with the aid of spices and condiments.

27. Lemon

Urdu Name: Leemun / Lemoo

The citrusy dressing of lemon is cherished in salads and vegetable dishes.

28. Gooseberry

Urdu Name: Amla

Tarty gooseberries are made into murabba by soaking them in sugar syrup for a certain period.

29. Spinach

Urdu Name: Palak

This green leafy vegetable with earthy taste can be eaten raw but preferably cooked for better taste.

30. Curry Leaves

Vegetable Names in Urdu 6

Urdu Name: Kari Patta

Curry leaf is a flavorsome condiment for ‘Tadka’ recipes.

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