Popular Vegetable Names in Gujarati

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Wonder what Indian veggies called in the Gujarati language? Here are some of the Popular Vegetable Names in Gujarati that’ll help you out!

Every Indian cherishes the unique and flavorful dishes of Gujarat. Vegetables play a potent role in Gujarati kitchens, as Gujarat is said to be a vegetarian state and relies more on veggies, thanks to the effect of Jain vegetarianism. Here are some popular Vegetable Names in Gujarati!

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Popular Vegetable Names in Gujarati

1. Brinjal

Vegetable Names in Gujarati

Gujarati Name: Ringan

This versatile vegetable is used in stuffed, curry, and sambhar dishes.

2. Bottle Gourd

Gujarati Name: Doodhi

The nutritious bottle gourd is used in preparing Gujarati delicacies like Doodhi Muthiya.

3. Bitter Gourd

Gujarati Name: Kaarela

The veggie is Rich in iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamin C.

4. Cabbage

Gujarati Name: Kobi

Raw cabbage adds a subtle flavor to salads, while it is preferred cooked as well.

5. Cauliflower

Gujarati Name: Phulgobi

It is paired with peas, potatoes, and carrots to make a scrumptious stir-fried veg mix.

6. Carrot

Gujarati Name: Gaajar

The sweet-earthy carrot is the potent ingredient of Gujarati special Sambharo, and Kachumber recipes.

7. Cucumber

Vegetable Names in Gujarati 2

Gujarati Name: Kakdi

The melon-like flavor of cucumber is relished raw after seasoning with salt and pepper.

8. Drumstick

Gujarati Name: Saragva

Nutritious drumsticks are boon for immune systems and also control sugar level.

9. Peas

Gujarati Name: Lila Vatana

Sweet peas pair well with curry, saute veggie, and Biryani dishes.

10. Chilli

Gujarati Name: Marchu / Marcha

Indian cuisine’s affair with chilies is very old as it plays a vital role in giving a kick of spiciness.

11. Cluster beans

Gujarati Name: Gawar / Guvar

The fresh beans are cooked, while seeds are grounded for icecream and cheese preparation.

12. Broad beans

Gujarati Name: Valpapdi / Valor

Packed with fiber, protein, copper, and manganese, it aids in weight loss and bone health.

13. Lady Finger

Vegetable Names in Gujarati 3

Gujarati Name: Bhinda

This pod vegetable, encasing edible seeds, taste best in recipes like Bharwa and Kurkuri bhindi.

14. Luffa

Gujarati Name: Turya / Galka

Luffa is a rich source of  Vitamin- A, C, and B6, fiber, folate, and carbohydrates.

15. Onion

Gujarati Name: Kaando / Dungali

The spicy-acidic onions are the must ingredient for every stir-fried, braised, and gravy dishes.

16. Potato

Gujarati Name: Batata

The taste of starchy potatoes enhances upon roasting, deep-frying, boiling, or steaming.

17. Radish

Gujarati Name: Mula

The earthy flavor radish, with peppery note, is added to salads and soups.

18. Garlic

Gujarati Name: Lasan

Its nutty-pungent flavor alters upon frying and complements all savory recipes.

19. Tomato

Vegetable Names in Gujarati 4

Gujarati Name: Tameta / Tametum

Packed with vitamins and minerals, sour-sweet tomatoes enhance the flavor of all savory recipes.

20. Pumpkin

Gujarati Name: Kolu / Kohlu

Packed with potassium, copper, and Vitamin-A, C, D, E, pumpkin boosts up immunity.

21. Beetroot

Gujarati Name: Beetroot / Bitno kanda

More stamina, controlled weight, and blood pressure are the perks of including beetroot in the diet.

22. Spinach

Gujarati Name: Paalak

Toss it on raita and soup, or pair it up with moong dal and methi to prepare an appetizing recipe.

23. Taro root

Gujarati Name: Arbi / Alvi

This starchy root vegetable has a nutty flavor and cooked like potatoes.

24. Lemon

Gujarati Name: Limbu

The real essence of Gujarati Dhokla and lemon pickle comes with the addition of lemon.

25. Fenugreek

Vegetable Names in Gujarati 5

Gujarati Name: Methi

Fenugreek is the star ingredient in the Gujarati special Thepla recipe.

26. Coriander

Gujarati Name: Dhana / Dhaniya / Kothmir

Apart from garnishing, the coriander chutneys are also admired in Indian households.

27. Capsicum

Gujarati Name: Simla Marchan

Coming in a range of red, yellow, and green colors, capsicum can be tossed on a salad and pasta.

28. Ivy Gourd

Gujarati Name: Tindora

The medicinal vegetable has significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

29. Mustard Leaves

Gujarati Name: Rai Limba / Rai Ni Bhaji

The peppery flavor of mustard leaves mellows down upon stir-frying or braising.

30. Spring Onion

Vegetable Names in Gujarati 6

Gujarati Name: Lila Dungli / Lila Dungli

Spring onion imparts palatable flavors to Gujarati famous Dhebra and curries recipes.

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