Popular Vegetable Names in Arabic

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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This list of following veggies are quite popular across the world and contains Vegetable Names in Arabic that’ll help you learn some vocabulary!

Arabic is considered a very pious language in Islam, as many disciples believe that Allah used to converse with Muhammad via this language.  As it holds a lot of significance, here are some popular Vegetable Names in Arabic language that’ll help you gain more knowledge on its vocabulary.

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Popular Vegetable Names in Arabic

1. Brinjal

Vegetable Names in Arabic

Arabic Name: Bathenjan

Brinjal can be grilled, stuffed, roasted for curry, and stir-fries.

2. Ladyfinger

Arabic Name: Bamieh

It is a powerhouse of Vitamin-A, C, K, and B6.

3. Onion

Arabic Name: Bassal

Onions impart zestiness to meat, chicken, and all curry dishes.

4. Coriander

Arabic Name: Kazbara 

Generally used for seasoning salads, and curries, the coriander leaves also go well in chutney.

5. Green Onions

Arabic Name: Al Bassalo al akhdar

The chopped green onions serve as a salad or topping for snacks and miso soups.

6. Mushroom

Arabic Name: Fetr

Thanks to the meaty flavor of mushrooms, it is an excellent meat substitution for vegans.

7. Garlic

Vegetable Names in Arabic 2

Arabic Name: Thawm / Thoum

The pungent zest of garlic cloves gradually mellows down upon cooking for stews, or meat dishes.

8. Cauliflower

Arabic Name: Karnabeet

High in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, cauliflower can be a delicious replacement for a high-carb food.

9. Green peas

Arabic Name: Bazellaa

The subtle taste of peas complements well with Biryani, pulao, and almost every vegetable.


Arabic Name: Batates

Good sources of carbohydrates, potatoes are cherished in grilled, boiled, or roasted form.

11. Tomato

Arabic Name: Tamatem

Arabian delicacies like Sahawiq and Masgouf tastes incomplete without the side dressing of sweet-sour tomatoes.

12. Cucumber

Arabic Name: Kheyar

Cucumber goes well in soups and pickles.

13. Cabbage

Vegetable Names in Arabic 3

Arabic Name: Malfouf / Karnab

The shredded cabbage serves as salad dressing, sandwich filling, and an integral part of soups.

14. Radish

Arabic Name: Fegl

The goodness of crunchy and mild-flavored radish fits makes great match salads and soups.

15. Celery

Arabic Name: Karafs

Leaves and stalks of aromatic celery pep up the dull taste of soups, sauces, and braises.

16. Pumpkin

Arabic Name: Yaqtin

Round, rib skinned, yellow-fleshed pumpkins are abundant sources of fiber, carbs, and multiple vitamins.

17. Sweet Potato

Arabic Name: Batata Holwa

Apart from pie and pudding, you can relish by adding sugar, butter, and cinnamon in mashed sweet potatoes.

18. Kale

Arabic Name: Karnab

Kale is packed with Vitamin-A, B, C, K, folate, fibers, and omega-3 fatty acids.

19. Green Beans

Vegetable Names in Arabic 4

Arabic Name: Fasouliya

These low-calorie beans pair well with potato, garlic, shallot, and chilies while sauteing and stir-frying.

20. Beetroot

Arabic Name: Bangar / Jodhur Alshamandar

Crispy and piquant beetroot is loaded with fiber, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin-C.

21. Carrot

Arabic Name: Gazar

Mild sweet carrots are the star ingredients of delicacies like ‘Gazar ka Halwa’ and ‘Biryani’.

22. Ginger

Arabic Name: Zanjabeel

Citrusy flavored ginger with an earthy note work as a condiment in tea, sauces, and beverages.

23. Spinach

Arabic Name: Sabanekh

High in vitamins A, C, K, iron, and magnesium, this leafy veggie is beneficial for vision and bone health.

24. Lettuce

Arabic Name: Khass

You can stack this veggie in a sandwich or use it as a wrap for cheese fillings.

25. Leek

Vegetable Names in Arabic 5

Arabic Name: Barasia

A close cousin of onion, garlic, and chives, Barasia goes well in Arabic dishes.

26. Zucchini

Arabic Name: Koosah

The cucumber-flavored zucchini is preferred cooked with butter, fresh herbs over raw consumption.

27. Bell pepper

Arabic Name: Felfel

Coming in a broad range of colors, bell pepper is admired for its vital role in pizza toppings.

28. Turnip

Arabic Name: Lift

Turnip features sweet flavor with an earthy undertone that mellows down upon stir-frying and braising.


Arabic Name: Helion / Alhaliun

Asparagus is blanched for preserving its best color and texture.

30. Chickpeas

Vegetable Names in Arabic 6

Arabic Name: Himmas / Garbanzo

Chickpeas play a starring role in hummus, where cooked chickpeas are mixed with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic.

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